Tomb Raider
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It has great environment.

The new Tomb Raider traces Lara Croft’s journey from the time she was a young archaeologist.

The new Tomb raider looks to reinvent Lara Croft by going back to her origins, the story that made her the adventure hungry Tomb Raider. In the new game Lara is a young archaeologist. In an attempt to locate Yamatai, an ancient Kingdom thought to be the home of Himiko the Mysterious and the powerful Sun Queen, Lara finds herself hanging upside down in a cave filled with bodies and human remains. So begins Lara’s journey of self-discovery.

As the game progresses, Lara transforms from a naïve, sheltered girl stranded on an Island into a strong-willed Woman driven by rage. The story is well paced and while most of the turns in the plot aren’t really surprising per se they do keep things interesting. Emphasis is obviously on Lara’s journey of self-discovery and the writers at Crystal Dynamics have done a wonderful job.

 The gameplay is where one huge change comes in; this one focuses on Combat, Puzzle solving and adventure. While veterans will feel this is a step in the wrong direction, I think Tomb Raider has benefitted by changing their focus in an attempt to appeal to a wider audiences. While there are hidden tombs and puzzles to solve, it won’t be like previous titles. The Combat in Tomb Raider is great, its grit and gore make the survival theme feel more real; especially with the makeshift weapons, upgrades and traps.

The multiplayer is great fun but it’s not meant to be the main focus. It doesn’t take anything away from the singleplayer and is a great little addition on the side to enjoy. You are still meant to go back to your singleplayer save, after the story is over, to fully explore the island and complete challenges. Overall Tomb Raider is brilliant, from beginning to the end, it keeps you glued to your screen wanting more, thinking twice about making that jump or just hoping you make it through the jungle without getting caught! Tomb Raider has set itself on a new path and I cannot see what they come up with next.

Gameplay allows for smooth controls and there's a good balance of action and exploration in the atmospheric surroundings.

The combat is pretty good.