Being a big fan of Far Cry 3, immediately after seeing an advert for Blood Dragon I rushed to my tablet to find put as much as I could. Then, when that fateful day came, I bought the expansion and immediately completed it that same day.

Having played FC3 for quite a while, I was somewhat an expert in the combat, yet the title enemies; the Blood Dragons, still proved quite a challenge. However, the glowing red eyes and lazer beams weren't a match for the trusty Galleria shotgun. This weapon added a blast from the past, as its design was old-fashioned and old-school. The weapons handle beautifully, especially when you upgrade them by completing the witty side-quests unlocked after liberating one of the thirteen Garrisons. (Garrisons are the equivelant to Outposts in vanilla Far Cry 3.) Each side-quest has either a sarcastic comment from our hero in the story, Sergeant Rex Power Coult, or an easter egg title, hinting to another movie or game. 

The option to reset Grarrisons is a brilliant idea, as there are only 13 to complete. The limited story may be amazing, but the actual amount of stuff to do is lacking. 13 garrisons, roughly 6 main missions and around 15 side quests just dosen't live up to the crazy amount of quests available in FC3. But through all this, a hero emerges...

Rex Power Coult is one hell of a character. He seems to be as understanding in the sense of retro 80s madness as tou are. He comments on sarcastic mission titles, he narrates how he will kill an enemy soldier, and puts his middle finger up at the dead splatter of Blood Dragon after he killed one. Yes, the character you play is full of character. (Pun intended.)

With a typical 80's Sci-Fi storyline (evil guy, underdog, big explosions, big guns), Blood Dragon captures the atmosphere of true retro Science fiction perfectly. Everything form the soundtrack to the dialogue, this expansion reeks of movies like RoboCop or Total Recall. As for exploration, it isn't as perfect.

The sun-filled beaches and blue sky of Far Cry 3 are comstantly nabbing at your shoulder as you explore Blood Dragon's island. The dark, gloomy sky of an apocalyptic world makes you pine for the sun and skies of FC3. The darkness adds to the amazing atmosphere, but it's just too dark all the time.

All in all, I thouroughly enjoyed playing this expansion. It looks great, feels the same as the original and offers plenty of robot violence. The only thing holding this expansion back from being a 10 is the quantity. I very highly recommend this expansion to both FC3 players and newcomers (as it dosen't require FC3 to play,) and I am sure you will have just as much fun as I did blowing up an entire base full of enemies whilst riding a Blood Dragon that talks. Yes, you read it right. Now go buy this expansion!