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Fighting face to face with nasty dead people

Deadlight is ,,2.5D'' survival horror game made by Tequila studios and published by Microsoft Studios.

It's a puzzler game with a great story behind it and every second of this game is filled with action and fun.

Game plot: Game setting takes place in 1986 in Seatle after virus outbreak that ,,wakes up'' the dead. You take control of Randall Wayne who is a park ranger from a small town called ,,Hope". After the outbreak Randall got separated from his family,his wife Shanon and daughter Lydia.From that point on, he is in a constant search for his family but through the whole game there is one small problem, Randall can't remember what happened to his family and thorugh the game he has dreams (or hallucinations) of his daughter Lydia which he can't explain.In the meantime he is acompanied by his friend Ben Parker,police officer Sam and two twin sisters Karla and Stella, helping them to get to the safe point. What happens through the game I can't tell,it's on you guys to discover it.

Graphics: This is not classic 2D game it's more advanced and it has advanced graphics comparing it to classic 2d games. This fantastic game received many critics, good and bad.Positive critics were given for graphics, atmosphere, and storyline while negative critics for brevity and linearity of the game, and issues with the responsiveness of the controls (at least I didn't had any problem with controls or anything else mentioned). And this is what ,,Game Informer'' said about the game: ,,Just when you think we've seen everything the zombie genre has to offer, another worthwhile adventure lurches forth. Deadlight mixes Shadow Complex's impressive 2.5D visuals, Limbo's rewarding platforming puzzles, and The Walking Dead's grim atmosphere. The resulting cocktail is potent''.There were some more negative critics given by GameSpot and Eurogamer but don't let that putt you off this game (if you haven't played it yet) because storyline and graphics are astonishing.

Optimization: Optimization of this game is fantastic. As you can see my rig is not that great but still I played this game on highest possible settings with 1280x1024 resolution. And even those who are below minimum requirements will surely play it on low with their native resolution.

Gameplay: You will surely enjoy playing this game. Controls react completely normal and while you play the game you can almost feel the tension and danger of every place where you get through the game.There is no upgrading of any abilities which is a good thing,since you don't need any supernatural strength or something like that in the ,,zombie world''. All you need is ammo which is ofcourse verry hard to find so don't go spraying bullets all around, aim carefully and try to save up your ammo as much as possible.It takes about three hours to complete the game which is not too long, but you will see that this game is verry addictive and you will surely wan't to play it again after you finish it. It's a game that realy has something to offer. I like keyboard and mouse but what will you use is your choice.

Looking forward to hear your opinions. So guys if you played this game tell me what you think in the comment section, for those who haven't played this game buy it or borrow it from a friend, either way you will not regret the time you will spend playing this fantastic game.

Shooting some zombies :)