Borderlands 2
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The sequel doesn’t have big changes, but there are a few awesome  surprises for those returning to Pandora.

                   Borderlands 2 is pretty much a polished and refined Borderlands. With subtle changes and additions, the game makes for a good sequel but may leave a few fans disappointed for not adding anything new.                              

                   Borderlands 2 picks up a few years after the events in the first one, with a new bunch of ‘vault hunters’ who have come to planet Pandora in search of mysterious riches and treasures. The characters from the previous game all have a significant role to play in the main story and will pop up in the most unexpected of places. The campaign has lots of twists and turns which you will not see coming at all. Besides the main campaign, there is an abundance of side missions to keep you occupied for a lifetime. One notable addition is the awesome challenge system which awards players with stat boosts for completing random challenges.

                    The gameplay has also received a bit of a makeover with all new weapons and four new characters. The Siren, Soldier, Hunter and Gunzerker classes try and maintain the same balance as the four classes in the first game but play very differently.

                    Borderlands 2 stays true to its roots with over-the-top action, crazy NPC’s and frantic gunfights. The enemies too have received a bit of an overhaul; now along with packs of skags and swarms of rakk, you will run into some crazy creatures, foot soldiers and mechs. Sometimes you will also get thrown into what I like to call the ‘Pandora battle royale’, a free for all where skags, rakk, mechs and soldiers are all out to kill each other and they stand between you and your goal. Borderlands 2 is a straight forward sequel and doesn’t really bring anything new that is game-changing. It starts off slow but as you go on, it is clear that both games are different. Borderlands 2 is also a no-brainer for fans of the first, and for newcomers if you like loot, crazy shooting and co-op then this is the game for you.

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