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Ellen in Budapest

When I saw the title of the game I thought: Nice a Vampire-horror game with Dracula! But my excitement dashed when I start to play it… Why? Because is not even scary! In the start the cinematic really impress me, because of this atmosphere of mystery. The cinematic inform us about Ellen Cross (the protagonist), a New Yorker investigator for the Metropolitan Museum. Some exhibits are lost in the sea and Ellen starts to investigate their loss. The tutorial is very helpful and telling us the investigations of Ellen in Hungary. If you want you can skip it and start the main story in England. I suggest you to skip it if you are familiar with control system that Amnesia: The Dark Descent has. It’s similar. All are good in theory, but when the action-time comes they are…incomplete (or they suck)! In the case of Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon, we’ve got an extremely linear and simple adventure game. You haven’t any freedom. You can’t explore the rooms as you want and you can’t explore other rooms and places. The environments are beautiful, but are a little simple. The other bad is the interaction. You can interact by clicking, but only with the objects or people they have to do with the story. The puzzles are simple and very easy. All of them are how to use your inventory items. The puzzles become a little harder if you remove the hints, but these puzzles are something like the light of a dark room, etc. So simple which they make you angry! Also there are some puzzles which they require logic (slide objects, etc.), but they are too easy. The only interesting is the health bar of Ellen. Ellen is sick from a blood disease and you must give her medication to keep her alive. So, watch out to run out of medication!  Find medication or Ellen dies. Interesting task, but is not enough. The sound is very good, the dialogues are clear and the classic music is good enough. Except all these, we have the bugs, too! Bugs in dialogues, in object interacting and many others. Microids has mood for fun and thinks we have this mood, too. This game is not for laugh, is for cries! The developers have made very makeshift job. In my opinion Dracula should go back to his shadows and stop bothering us with this game!

What I supposed to say?Creepy??