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Written by abdulquadir on Sun, Jul 28, 2013 11:07 AM
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How well optimised is The Darkness 2 for PC? 8.2

          How many times have you finished playing a game and wondered if the story was more fitting for a movie? As much as you love it, you can’t help but think that countless hours of meaningless acts were put in just to extend the game and thereby, ruining the whole experience. The Darkness II does the opposite, resulting in a very short but phenomenal single-player experience.

          The game revolves around Jackie Estacado, the don of the Franchetti family who hasn’t gotten over the death of his girlfriend — Jenny who died in the first game. After suppressing an ancient power called The Darkness for more than two years, it awakens inside him after being attacked at a restaurant. Jackie sets out to find his attackers, unfolding a great mystery which will change his life forever.

          The developers have created a masterful storytelling experience and the narrative does wonders for the pacing. The delivery of a game’s story has rarely reached such heights and the memorable characters and good voice acting go a long way in making your experience worthwhile.

          The semi-open ended world and side missions have been removed for a more linear approach. The art design has been completely revamped and the game uses cell-shading to give it a more comical style.

           A shooter at its heart, The Darkness II introduces us to a new quad-wielding system. You use two buttons for guns and the remaining two for the darkness arms. It also features a four-player co-op mode called Vendettas.

          As a video game, The Darkness II will probably not be the highlight of the year. But it has come out of nowhere and schooled everyone in how to deliver a video game’s story. You might feel cheated considering how short the singleplayer mode is, but you owe to yourself to embrace the darkness and help Jackie as he tries to find the difference between what’s real and what’s illusion.


  • Storytelling at its best
  • Quad-wielding is great


  • Singleplayer is short
  • Poor AI



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