God why was I so afraid in this part?!

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter modern based game released in 2007 solely based on singleplayer campaign and multiplayer gameplay. Wikipedia writes "Critically acclaimed, the game received an aggregated score of 94% from both GameRankings and Metacritic, and is considered by many to be the best Call of Duty in the series." .  It was also well known for its time as having great graphics and awesome gameplay. So the first time I played this game was when I was very young actually, at that time the graphics were so great and magnificent to look at; the gameplay very memorable, it was different then than now. But the next time I decided to played it again, like I said it was different then than now, I guess I just got too bored of it or something.

Anyway first off is singleplayer, in singleplayer I had a really great and fun experience with the story and the immersion it brought, the graphics and design was really good and I also  felt a connection with the characters in the game and those adrenaline rush moments I still remember, like for example in the mission "Crew Expendable" where you had to escape a cargo ship and jump on the helicopter, I was running for my life man , it was really intense for me!

Then we got  multiplayer , played on LAN servers a lot of times with my friends it was great! I really liked the gameplay and the guns and stuff though it was kinda unrealistic for me.

Graphics obviously awesome for its time.

Music and sound effects very memorable too.

 So here we have the cons, "Annoying AI" thats one, in this game I found it very fustrating when the ai justs spams grenades, spawn endlessly, and charge at you and the fact that your teamates don't do a single thing about it, it was kinda unrealistic really. So why this game was great for me? Well, it had such a memorable story and awesome fun gameplay even though it was kinda unrealistic.