Great Game....

 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter modern based game released in 2009 also known as the sequel to "Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare".

 As the sequel to the first game of the series, the developers have added many new features to cope with new release and gameplay such as:

  • "Special Ops" which consists of independent missions from maps in singleplayer but not related to the story of the campaign. It also has a coop feature if one wishes to play with a friend.
  • Many new weapons, maps, & kill streak rewards to multiplayer.

Now for the review,


 So, after playing "Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare" I decided to play the new game "Call of duty Modern Warfare 2". I saw many improvements in singleplayer such as the new characters and the many new weapons. The experience in Modern Warfare 2 was very different for me than the first game, must be the new content and story I guess. For me the story was very intense at the beginning and slowly becomes interesting to the end, the characters were really alive and immersive, the new weapons really cool to shoot with, and the new maps in the campaign were very well designed. 


 As for the multiplayer, I found it very fustrating and too easy in a way to get kills, the game was too fast paced, and the challenge kinda gone. I think the reason for this is that the developers made the whole new content overempowered and too unrealistic. So the challenge and immersion was kinda gone, I found the first game's multiplayer to be more slow paced and immersive. But in the other side, for some people fast pace is just there thing, so it's all about opinion I guess.

Special Ops:

 This is the new feature that really caught my eye, it was very fun and the fact that you can play coop. I found the missions very immersive and challenging, more challenging and immersive than multiplayer thats for sure.


 Not much of an improvement from the first game, but it's really awesome I guess especially the new awesome maps in campaign.


 So to conclude this review, I say the game has great singleplayer , okay multiplayer , challenging and immersive Special Ops' missions, and awesome content.