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Who do you pick? Axis or the Allies.

Day of Defeat: Source is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter WW2 based game released in 2005. It's also known as an update from the original "Day of Defeat". The conversion of the game was added a name "Source" for the "Source Engine" that the game used. The game is played by choosing two factions either the Allies or the Axis with six classes each with different modes to play in multiplayer.
Wikipedia also states that "In addition, Day of Defeat: Source has been used by Valve to present new design features on the Source engine, such as high dynamic range rendering and cinematic effects." 

 So as you can see, the new game will have somewhat improved graphics from the original "Day of Defeat".

Now for the review,


 "Day of Defeat: Source" has two factions/teams you can choose from, the Axis or the Allies.In each faction you can choose one class from six classes, these classes composed of: Rifleman, Assault,Support, Sniper, Machine Gunner, and Rocket troops each with their own unique weapons and equipment. Usually I pick the Allies, but it doesn't matter cause that's my opinion.

 Anyways, in multiplayer the game has, basically, two game modes you can choose from: territorial control or detonation. The gameplay is very well done, you get to experience some WW2 shooting action just right off your monitor, it's actually a very fun experience to be had. The weapons in the game are also very lifelike and that's including the accuracy, but don't underestimate the recoil though, it's got a huge punch. Usually I die by a couple of bullet hits, but in this game you can also die by just one hit, pretty realistic don't you think. One downside to the game is that it only has a multiplayer mode, so I was really disappointed. Another downside was the content and features, there was only a few of them, but still it's a great game, just make sure you don't play it alone though.


 Either than the improvements of the "Source" update, it's got well designed maps, 
good models, and decent textures. Other than that, the game has a good 
atmosphere which includes great audio.


 So in conclusion I have to say that this game has a unique gameplay experience, 
realistic guns if I may add. So if you are a WW2 gamer this is for you. The game 
also has decent graphics and good sound effects which creates a good atmosphere.
Downsides are: no singleplayer, lack of content, and no AI.