Stronghold 2
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Their ladders have reached our walls! Retreat! To the inner keep!

Stronghold 2 is a real-time strategy game released in 2005, and a sequel to the first game "Stronghold" that was released in 2001. The game is set in the middle ages where the goal of the player is to create strongholds to defend against the enemy, obviously. Singleplayer is the biggest part of "Stronghold 2", but the game also includes a multiplayer, though you can only play online and not on LAN. In singleplayer and multiplayer, the game not only introduces "War" into gameplay but it also has an economic feature, also known as "Peace", such as farming, hunting, & gathering of supplies that can be used to maintain happiness in the hold or wage war against other holds. "Stronghold 2" when compared to the first game
"Stronghold" , Wikipedia states "The game engine was enhanced to provide full three-dimensional graphics. Other changes include new military and peace campaigns and the addition of crime and punishment. It also included many new characters and changed the walls and towers that can be added to a castle. However, the series' unique real-time map editor was replaced with a still-life one."

So the new features in the sequel are:

  • Three-Dimensional graphics or 3D.
  • Crime and Punishment system.
  • New characters and added towers and walls.

That's done, now for the review,


Singleplayer is a renowned mode where a player can play by himself without requiring internet (depends) and other players. The player instead can interact with AI (artificial intelligence) or NPCs. So as I said in the introduction, "Stronghold 2" has a bigger part in singleplayer. In singleplayer the game has two modes in which you, the player, can choose from: "War" or "Peace". One may think the stories of this modes are not related, yet they are actually connected, but just make sure that you pick "Peace" first because that's where the story begins. So when I got my hands on this game , I played it for hours and hours as if I could never get bored, the game kept me hanging on because it was very challenging. Well, it seemed that way after hours and hours, but to the point , the campaign is really fun and immersive, it's like building your own medieval stronghold in real life (ofcourse, the game is not real life, but you get my point), the NPCs very funny in my opinion, like when you click them. In battle, I found it kinda realistic, in a way. I also found the gameplay really fun to play & immersive, that's the word, IMMERSIVE. That's all I can say here actually, so if you want to go ahead and jump on that. Well, go ahead by all means.


I couldn't play it myself because I had no internet at that time, but I did play with bots in singleplayer skirmish mode. So all I can say is that "I have heard people say it was good". Too bad
there was no LAN feature, I could have played it with my brothers if so.


Graphics? Well, you gotta give them a thumbs up , great improvement from
the first game really, I'm serious, it's a very big improvement. The
environment is also very lifelike, the AI , well not bad at all.


Yes, audio that's what I love. Audio really matched the gameplay, I
thought it was very nice and awesome. Music is very feeling too.

The End:

To end this review, I will declare in my opinion, that this game is a
really fun game to meddle with. Great gameplay, great design, and very
awesome audio.