Dust an Elysian Tail looks like a cartoon that you can control

     Dust An Elysian Tail is a game that is almost entirely created by just one man. Dean Dodrill is a project conceived as a title designed for Xbox Live Indie category. The original plan for this former member of Epic Games, a craft which is baked on-the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a game that finished in three months, but the time stretched to three years! Deen has since managed to impress Microsoft and won their Dream. Build. Play Award 2009's. The game was promoted to a full Xbox Live Arcade title and now after less than a year access to the that platform, Dust An Elysian Tail arrived on Steam.

     The central aspect of the Dust an Elysian Tail's are actions and research. Matroidvania, a genre that was about 20 years ago defined as Metroid and Castlevania would be best to cover the Dust An Elysian Tail. As you get the new upgrade, you will be able to access new locations in the world, the standard and tested formula of the genre. Whole map of Dust an Elysian Tail is quite large and the path from one end to the other in search of items you miss sometimes , depending on the amount of enemies you'll encounter. But this will probably soon get used to all the overall environment can characterized as pretty fun to explore.

     In addition to research, it is equally important moment in the Dust is the combat. He even pressed into the 2D side scrolling, it offers a little more of the games in this genre , than games two decades ago. Dust from the beginning has a pretty solid strokes. You will be able to launch enemies into the air, have fun with a couple of punches and then juggle them strongly submit to the ground causing damage nearby enemies. Fidget, a small cat-like creature that follows Dusta during the campaign and play a significant role in the story and the combat mechanics play a role with magic attacks. They can be combined with Dusts secondary attack for very useful - Duststorm. All the options that you have from the start been very fun and allow you to be creative with Kombat while offering great mobility, and when navigating environments. However, new opportunities will acquire later in the game such as double jump and slide , they will be mainly used for exploration, leaving the combat is very similar to that with which you started the game. This will give you the second half of the game probably start a little impression of repetition that can ruin your impression of the whole game. In addition to standard opponents, Dust will be a couple of occasions to meet with bosses but they are not anything that would help more significantly changed the above impression repetitive gameplay.

     The story of the game is not bad and will mounts you until the end. The characters are interesting as well as the dialogue which is not foreign to any additional notes of humor. Overall, though at first glance may not seem so, the game definitely did not slip into cartoony cliche when it comes to story and contains a few dark moments in this colorful setting can be an interesting twist.

     However the thing that still leaves the biggest impression is surely a visual style that uses Dust an Elysian Tail. The game really looks like a cartoon that you control. Art is really good and the only moment you may notice a drop in quality when the camera zooms in 2D details and when you are able to be clearly distinguished pixilation. In addition, the game looks really awesome. Great visual presentation is complemented by an excellent soundtrack to a relatively solid voice acting included. Fidget may be hard for some and too cute but over time you will get used to it.

     As for the transition on PC , this game is not celebrated too much. The game will pause a couple of times no matter how powerful a machine you have, as a result of poor optimization. But all of you this will not significantly spoil the atmosphere. The keyboard is supported, but Dust is a game that was made for the joypad and playing on it is much more comfortable than the keyboard.

     Overall Dust an Elysian Tail is an interesting game. If in start you don't like the art style, then it certainly can be a drag. Also combat could be more diverse, something that will give you more attention. However, despite this, the Dust has enough quality to recommend it to the lovers of the genre and certainly others. The game also have very well set price, so that it is also very good.

     Here is gameplay video !

The central aspect of the Dust an Elysian Tails are actions and research.