Forza Motorsport 4
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   Forza 4 is peppered with such serenely intense moments, and most of them are intensely exhilarating.

    Slow down, the racing line says, and I obey, cautiously, in complete control. I’ve been chasing down this Lancer EVO for quite a while now, and I’m desperate to overtake it.

    The scenic beauty of the majestic Bernese Alps doesn’t hold my attention for long. I’m in treacherous pursuit, and I don’t want to get distracted if I want to have the last laugh. With every carefully maneuvered turn, I inch closer to my target. Finally, after half a minute of persistent drafting, I surpass him. A familiar sense of achievement and excitement grips me as I tread on. It’s a feeling I’ve known before.

    Forza 4 is peppered with such serenely intense moments, and most of them are intensely exhilarating. It’s a looker, alright. Just when we thought Gran Turismo 5 was as close as it got to photorealism, we get this. Everything from the cars to the tracks to the environments is drop-dead gorgeous, and feels very authentic, even the sounds.

    It’s fully voiced over by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, whose enjoyable commentary brings in a very entertaining touch to the experience. This is used really well in Autovista mode, which has some of the game’s most desirable cars modeled virtually for you to fully explore and learn about.

    The gameplay, however, is where the game really shines. While it commences with turning on all assists to get you started, it does something miraculously straightforward — introduces a do-it-yourself learning curve. Slowly adjust the settings to your liking, and the game builds a driver out of you, step by step. It’s been done before, but not quite this well. However, if you recurrently use supercritical aerofoil density, you’re in for a joyride — a challenge akin to Forza 3, only better.

    All of this is carried over superbly to the multiplayer, which supplements your level progression in the career mode unobtrusively, while keeping the distinction line between them really thin, but never non-existent.

    All things considered, Forza 4 feels like one of those really cool teachers who let you play in class, while inculcating the entire course knowledge in secret. It won’t really hit you when you’re playing it (and it’s going to take a while before you stop), but it’s constantly crafting you into a better player. She’s not a very easy lioness to tame, but boy does she satisfy your innards.

Theres even a warthog to explore in Autovista!!!!