Remember Me
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Technology, a word well known to all of us and a passion for many of us. Its like an ever growing tree whose new kind of fruits please many of us. Technology has no bound. It has a strong grip on the future. So Ideas give rise new kind of technology every day and these ideas keep flowing from the brains of men, and doesn't seem to find an end. But this time the ideas are through the games...

So why am i telling all this? You will surely come to know. Have you ever imagined how awesome it would be to share someone else’s memories, experiencing them? Think about it. But it would be even more awesome if one of us had a special talent to remix or change memories, like go inside people's head and change their lives. Did I just say remix memories? Well you heard it right. And this game gives you a chance to do so, which seems to be near impossible even in the near future.

So enough talking in riddles and lets just start to know about the game. So Remember Me is a third person action adventure from Capcom which actually lets you play with people's memories. You take the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with an incredible ability to break into people's mind and steal or alter their memory.

The world becomes addicted to a technology called SenSen which allows people to store, sell or trade their personal memories. As always with great technology comes few disadvantages. SenSen gives great power to the authorities of a group called Memorize over some people. The adverse use of the technology by the authorities causes mutation over some people who are left all alone in the dark abyss. And like most of the stories, it would be inappropriate if the story doesn't contain a bunch of good guys. So who are the good guys? They are a bunch of guys known as Errorists who fight against Memorize who are misusing the technology.

Now let’s come back to the story of our protagonist, Nilin, who was a former Errorist agent. The authorities fearing her talent and knowledge arrest her and wipe her memory clean. So she just does the same thing you would do if your memory was wiped clean. That is of course to try and find loads of answers for her basket full of questions. Alongside her journey of being herself, she once again fights for the Errorists cause guided by the Infamous Edge. 

I think I told you much about the story of the game so let’s skip to our next topic. The gameplay of the game is quite amazing, giving you some free running experience along with the combat. But even though the game does have all that running and jumping around, it just doesn't give that much fun you always had while playing Assassin's Creed or Tomb Raider or other adventure games. And take my word, you couldn’t possibly compare Nilin to our favorite Bad A*s Lara Croft...  

There are some hidden bonuses through out the game that adds some extra life and focus boost which will surely come in handy as you progress through the game. There will some occasional puzzles which will give some load to your Brain, so keep in mind to have your Brainy Conciseness with you while playing. The combat of the game is quite new and exciting. Its just You and Your trusty hands and legs. There are a few fighting combos, which consists of moves called Pressens. You should perform the next move with a correct timing or else your combo wont work. As you gain experience you can unlock whole new pressens. There are some special abilities you can perform once you have gained enough focus. Another interesting feature of the combat system is the regeneration. You gain health when you perform combos with health pressens, which is quite good actually. If you are expecting some more challenge, there are those occasional mini boss fights that will pump up your adrenaline.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3, so you can expect the graphics to be pretty good. The textures are very well detailed, but the atmosphere doen't seem much lively. One plus point about the graphics is that it looks pretty even in low settings.  

But even though all that jumping, running and fighting seems exiting, the game feels like an incomplete puzzle with a missing piece. When compared to big titles, it doesn't give you so much fun. It doesn't give you that feeling to play it once again, it just urges you to finish the story without having much fun. Sometimes the combat seems boring and straight forward. If the game had side missions or some exploration quests it could have came out fantastic. 

Now for the conclusion, the game has an awesome concept which totally entertains people who have passion for technology. The story also is very good, and we can’t forget the combat system which adds some glitter to the game. And of course it has a Female Protagonist, so who doesn't want to see a girl in action. The adventurers can have a good time with the game. But lack of side missions and the feeling of incompletion might have made the game to go a bit low. But its still stands tall with that Awesome concept.


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