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Dishonored is a first person-shooter action stealth adventure based game that was released in 2012. It was developed by "Arkane Studios" and published by "Bethesda Softworks". 

The main goal of the game is for the player to neutralize his/her targets during a mission. The player can also complete the missions in different ways. He/she also gets to buy and upgrade weapons, powers, and equipment before a mission or during. The game also has a system of chaos. There is a low and high chaos rating. The low chaos rating means less rats and weepers. The high chaos rating, well, it's bad. 

So it's a very interesting game. Sadly it only features singleplayer and no multiplayer. Could have been cool to fight other players. But that's not really a big deal. And surprisingly after the game was released, it was then followed by some new additional content or DLCs which you get right now from Steam for a fair price:

  • "The Knife of Dunwall" 
  • "The Brigmore Witches"
  • "Dunwall City Trials"

And another thing. About the two new DLCs: "The Knife of Dunwall" and "The Brigmore Witches". Well, they are actually part of the main story. So It'll be  good to get those. It'll maximize the story even more. And the "Dunwall City Trials" map pack is somewhat a mini-game mode. It's fun to play with after you've finished the whole story. 

So now for the review.


The game has a very interesting universe, guards use flintlocks and swords. Everything is somewhat high tech yet somewhat primitive. Well the game is set in a fantasy world, changed by the discovery and use of whale oil. Which makes the game very unique. Which is good.

Anyway. In "Dishonored" you play as "Corvo", a lord protector , who was falsely accused for a crime he did not commit. Driven by anger and pain, he will realize what truly matters.

During the game you will be bombarded with many choices, some even changing the final outcome. Armed with a blade and some few tricks up your sleeve, it's up to you on how you'll  take down your opponents. I suggest you get them smart, use your surroundings, look for opportunities, and observe before you strike (low chaos). Or you'll have to take them out guns blazing, it's fun, except the fact that you'll have alarms triggered, pistols pointed right in your face, surrounded by fearless individuals that want you dead(high chaos). Well, it's really up to you. Either way it'll be fun.

The story is also very outstanding in my opinion. I really felt responsible for what was happening around me. Just choking or stabbing a guy made me feel good. I don't know why. Is that bad? I also finished the campaign like three times already, and guess what, I'm still playing. So I really loved the stealth system. You get to kill from the shadows and from above. It's Really cool. The combat was really hard though, even on the easy difficulty. Had to do stealth all the time. That was the only way to get out alive and untouched. 

Another thing I also liked was the weapons, upgrades, and powers. During the game you could sometimes stumble upon a blueprint, if you take it you'll unlock new upgrades in the shop. You could also gather runes to upgrade your powers like Bend Time and Devouring Swarm. So it's a really cool addition to the game.


The graphics are cool. I liked the unique models and textures that they implemented. Some of the guards looked funny too. The graphics blended well with the environment. That's good enough for me.


Audio's okay. Nothing special. They could have done better, but I'm sure they did a great job. 

The End:

In the end, this game has an outstanding story. Even if all this is not real, I somewhat felt a connection to the game.  I really love this game, can't wait for a sequel or something. But I think it's just better left as is. In short, the experience playing Dishonored was a blast. I recommend this game to anyone who loves stealth, combat, and a good story to go with.