Saints Row 4
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Gat is back

                   Saints Row is one of my most favorite franchises. When I first played Saints Row 1 I thought that it was trying to be Gta but it didn’t succeed on doing so. Then Saints Row 2 came out alongside with Gta Iv. Now I don’t know about you but personally I liked Saint’s Row 2 better. It had what Gta Iv hadn’t. Character and vehicle customization, lots of fun side activities and besides that it sort of reminded me of Gta:San Andreas.  However, this was it for the Saints Row series. When Saints Row 3 came out, I thought that the game was getting away from the theme. It wasn’t  taking its self seriously. But still I kinda liked it. Many fans were angry about the new direction of the game, they thought it was too tedious, too immature. So you might say THQ, or rather Deep silver, because THQ went bankrupt, learnt from their mistakes and decided to bring the series back to its roots. WELLLLLL… they didn’t. Because Saint’s Row Iv is a game with (Drum rolls)………. ALIENS.

                  Saints Row IV, has nothing to do with its predecessors. This is no longer a gang themed open world game. Saints Row is now a Sci-Fi themed open world game, and that is quite weird.  It is as if Justin Bieber decided to do a Porn Film. I just cant imagine one of the people behind this game stepping into the office of his boss and say “Good evening sir, Lets create an Alien Themed Saints Row game”. Also Saints Row Iv started as a DLC and then the devs thought that the idea behind this game is brilliant and that it deserves to be a full game. Now here is the big question. Is Saints Row Iv a new game, or is it just some DLC. Here is the answer.

                   Now, before I start I would like to point something out. If you are one of these people who didn’t like Saints Row 3 because it was tedious and stupid then don’t buy this game or even read this review. With that said let’s begin.

                   In Saint’s Row IV you play as the president of the United States. Now someone might say. “ What ???. Why are you the president and not Barack Obama”. Well Barack Obama didn’t disarm a nuke targeting Washington all by himself. Yes that is right. The Saints decided to do something useful for their country. They have decided to be recognized officially as heroes. Therefore they have created a “Law” enforcement team called ………. THE SAINTS.  The saints uncovered a terrorist organization that wanted to nuke Washington. Long story short, you disable the nuke, save Washington and the become the president. Suddenly an Alien Force named Zin,  invade earth and Capture you and your friends. Zinyak their leader, wants to see you broken, so instead of killing you he puts you in a simulation machine. Now your mission is to kill Zinyak, save your friends and then save earth.

                 The whole premise might sound a bit silly, but the story is quite well written, as opposed to Saints Row 3. The voice actors also did a great job. I really liked the addition of Keith David in the game. He has one of the best voices on this universe. Bottom line is, that Saints Row Iv might be silly, but it is beautifully executed and has great production values.

                    Now let’s  get away from the Voice acting and story and lets talk about the gameplay. The gameplay is pretty similar to pretty much all the games in the franchise. There is a tiny little addition. This time you have…………. SUPERPOWERS.  Since you are in  simulation you can do anything you want. You have superpowers like supersprint superjump, telekinesis etc. You can update these powers by collecting clusters all over the city.  There are also many side missions and activities to play.  Activities such as Insurance fraud, which is even more fun with superpowers and mayhem.

                The character and vehicle customization doesn’t have any notable changes. Most of the clothing is recycled from the previous game. One addition worth noticing is the addition of Nolan North’s voice. Nolan North is the voice behind Deadpool, Desmond Miles, Nathan Drake and he has been in pretty much every single game.

                  There are also thing that I didn’t like. Since this is a simulation program and Zinyak controls everything, there is no such thing as daylight. This Reminds me of Farcry 3 Blood Dragon. They have the same dark atmosphere and I don’t like that. Also the car is underutilized since there are superpowers. By using supersprint  you can gert to your destination in a few seconds. Also the graphics are a bit outdated. Even though the game requires powerful hardware, the graphics are not worthy of such power.

                   So to conclude. Saints Row IV might have started as a DLC but it is worth  the full retail price. I liked Saints Row IV. But I hope that one day the franchise will return back to its Roots.

The Zin Empire