The brilliant Ezio Auditore da Firenze is back in another classic adventure known as Assasin's Creed Brotherhood.Assasin's Creed games usually have great art direction and this game is certainly no exception.The city of Roma of is so beautifully depicted that you will wish you were back in the days of renaissance Rome.The gameplay on offer is pretty similar to that of AC2 but dont let that thing put you off as AC:Brotherhood is a great sequel that deserves your time and money.

After losing his Uncle Mario and the Assasin City Monteriggioni, Ezio's revenge against Cesare leads him to Rome.The story and narrative is solid and holds the whole game together really well. You play as the mordern day assasin Desmond Miles and the master assasin Ezio.The story shifts between the two with most of the game occuring in Rome.The Voice acting is absolutely exceptional. Another quality of AC games is its excellent cast of characters and this game is certainly an example of that quality.All these qualities further improve the narrative and make the game more enjoyable.

The gameplay is solid but pretty much what you have seen in AC2.The combat running, jumping and climbing and all those mechanics largely remain the same.But one major gameplay addition is the Assasin Guild.Yes you read that right.You can recruit your own personal assasin army which you can summon during intensive fights.Just eliminate Borgia influence in an area and recruit an assasin.This makes the game more easy but it enjoyable nevertheless.As an open-world game most of your time will be spent lurking on rooftops, finding treasures and doing side missions, recruiting assasins and renovating the city of Rome.The game certainly has a lot of content and will keep you busy for atleast 15+ hours.

There are some graphical glitches like flickering and some minor audio problems but they are certainly not game breaking in any way.The graphics on PC certainly stand out with the PC having support for multi-sampling AA, high-res textures and higher resolution and the game can run on maximum detail even on an 4 year old PC.

My final verdict will be that even after the tried and tested gameplay formula, this game is certainly worth playing. A good narrative, great characters and beautiful city of Rome is certainly worth exploring.