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Written by faixelorihinal on Thu, Sep 5, 2013 10:57 PM
Where does Creeper World 2: Redemption rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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First of all i have to say that this is a very well done Indie Game. Creeper World 2 is a strategy based game where the player has to defeat the creeper. The creeper is like a slime that destroys anything that gets in its way. The creeper is made by emitters which have to be destroyed. The challenge of every mission is gettng to the emitters since they are surrounded by creeper. The story behind creeper world 2 is not really well developed since you are basically jumping from world to world destroying creeper. However as someone that in this case prefers the gameplay over the story it doesn't affect as much. I am not saying that the back story isn't there because there is but i find that its is not crucial towards the gameplay. Tons of new additions have been added to the game (buildings, weapons, other objects and enemies) make it more entertaining and sometimes depending on what level a bit too easy. I find the addition of the anti-creeper to combat the real creeper very useful as the player is able to create new strategies to combat the creeper. I find that this game is not as fast-paced (towards the end of a mission) as the first one except in a couple of missions where the player has to save survivor capsules before the creeper reaches it. As i've said it may sometimes be easy to play the game especially towards the end when all the weapons and infrastructure are built but the initial minutes of a mission are spent building infrastructure and planning the best strategy. Creeper World 2 comes with improved graphics over creeper world 1, which suits it well. However, the perspective of the game is completely changed now instead of having a birds eye view of the map you have a frontal view which i don't find as appealing as the one in CW1 but it allows for better and more detailed graphics.Overall i find that the game is very well made especially when considering that there is only one person designing and programming it. Congratulations Knucklecracker keep it up i can't wait for the upcoming creeper world 3.   


  • New buildings/enemies
  • New layout/perspective





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