Castle Crashers
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This is my first review on Game-Debate, please post thoughts on comments :D


Castle Crashers is a 2D cooperative RPG action adventure game where you can gather 4 players to save 4 princesses from a evil wizard. Simple? Sure. Funny? Extremely. Fun? Ehh…


Let’s get with the pros first, as that should be always the best part of a game, right? Well, the first thing I have to get out of the way is that this game has a great art design. It’s very cartoony and even cute at times. It’s simple and sharp looking. And that’s just looking at the art itself. In-game, everything is flashy and fast.


The biggest part of the game, the co-op, is also very well done. For a PC game (and also a console game), split-screen games on one system doesn’t appear too often, and in fact, just never happens nowadays. It’s all online. However, this game allows 4 controllers (or 3 controllers and a keyboard) to play on one PC, and I highly like this. This lets my friends come over to my house, grab a couple sodas, and play a fun game together. Actually, you can grab multiple friends AND play online too.


Now, since I bought the game on PC and well, I’m reviewing it on PC, it runs very smoothly and looks much crisper than it does on consoles. Even if you have a low-end PC, the game should run very well even then. My low-end laptop with a Intel GMA GPU ran the game at 1366x768 on Normal settings. That’s not something you see too often.


Sadly, it’s time for the cons, and I think I may annoy some people with my opinions, but well, that’s what opinions are. One of larger issues with the game is that it starts to get repetitive after a while. Even with the new worlds you get such as the Forest to a Desert, it still feels the same. You beat up enemies with the same moves over and over. Even laughing at the games with friends starts to get old.


Another issue with the game, and this is mainly a issue with the community, but nobody is online playing this game co-op. I can’t tell if this is a issue with the PC version’s matchmaking being broken or not, as there is no server browsers whatsoever, even with the Steam Server Browser. No one is online playing Arena or the Eating Mini-game, and its rare to find someone playing the campaign co-op.


Finally, this is Castle Crashers’ biggest issue, and I feel it’s most game breaking issue. The game, along with it’s repetitive feeling, starts asking you to farm for experience points. The game gets difficult for no reason, even with a whole group of 4 playing. Some may disagree with me, but I always feel annoyed and bored to death whenever a game starts asking me to farm for experience points just to “get further into the game”, and sadly, Castle Crashers does this. This is a reason why I never fully got into games like Pokémon. Here’s a tip if you ever do play Castle Crashers: Before you get to a boss fight, start repeating other levels before the boss fight and constantly level up your Health and Strength. When those are the max, then move onto Agility and Magic.


What score would I give Castle Crashers? It’s kind of a mix for me, as while the art style and the ultra fun co-op (not to mention the PC port is nearly perfect) is great, the game’s major issues are related to gameplay, the biggest part of the whole game.