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Have you been looking for a game that has you at the edge of your chair wanting to jump right into the screen? Are you in search of a game that will keep your eyes glued to the screen with your heart ready to beat out of your chest? Well Outlast is the game for you. With about 3 hours worth of game time I think I have managed to rip myself from the game and made my way here to let you guys know what I am feeling.

When it comes to storyline, this game has it share of storytelling. Everything from the main storyline all the way down to the sick and gritty back stories of some of the guest in this asylum. Not only did I stop to listen to every conversation along the way in my adventure, but I felt as if it was my mission to find out what is going on in this place not just escape it. The environment that is laid out for you is just so terrifically done that if you are playing this game in 1080p on a TV and have a good set of headphones to enjoy the sounds you will literally find yourself soiling yourself in your seat. I can honestly say that within the first 15 minutes of the game I found myself wanting to not play it no more, but the story and the thrill kept me playing.

I can honestly say that I recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of horror or just want to enjoy a well made game. I didn't go to into the story or many key features of the game because I would like for you guys/gals to play the game and figure it out. Some key suggestion I could make without ruining the game will be laid out for you gamers now.

  • Always keep your camera rolling (It doesn't kill your battery when night-vision is disabled)
  • Take your time (Enjoy the game and adventure)
  • Save your battery life (Batteries aren't in every room)
  • Not everyone will hurt you (Pay attention to your surroundings)
  • Listen (Helps your not get caught)
  • HIDE !

Good Luck and Sleep Good :p

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