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Brothers: A tale of two sons.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is developed by Starbreeze Studios and is designed on Unreal Engine. In this game, the players take the role of two brothers who embark on a journey to the "Tree of Life" to get the magic water for their father which is the only way to save his life.


The most unique part of this game is that the players control the two brothers simultaneously. This way players can navigate the game world more efficiently. They can use the younger brother to pass through narrow bars and other hard to reach places and use the older brother for lifting or pushing heavy things or pulling some levers in order to open some doors. The game will most appeal to fairytale lovers and casual gamers. Hardcore gamers may not find much interest in it.


The game is mainly about the journey of two brothers to the "Tree Of Life". Their mother has already died and their father is very sick. The only way to save their father is to get the water from the "Tree Of Life". On their journey the brothers encounter many enemies like a farmer's dog, a local bully, an invisible monster, etc. They also help many people like saving a person from committing suicide, reuniting a pair of trolls, rescuing a bird, saving a girl from being sacrificed by the tribesmen, etc.


The game has good graphics. They may not look too real but they suit the game very well. There are many beautiful sceneries in the game. The game is not badly optimized so most of the gamers will be able to play this one.


The game's dialogues are neither in English nor in any other language. They are just voices with no meaning. But it is not difficult to understand what the two brothers are talking about. By observing the signs they are making and what objects they are pointing to, players can easily understand what they have to do. 


On the whole, I'll say that the game is not bad. It's quite good if you like this kind of story. Again I'll say that the game's graphics suit very well on the game. Sometimes it is difficult to control the two characters simultaneously but you will get used to it after a while. The developers advise to play this game using a controller but I've played this using keyboard and it is still very fun. You'll get used to understand what the two brothers are trying to tell you though the dialogues are not in any language.  

The part where the brothers save the girl from being sacrificed by the tribesmen