call of duty 4: modern warfare

Are you guy's ready for an epic battle because this time everything is going to change successfull franchise of call of duty is back and this time with a new seris call of duty : modern warfare
this time action is double, double the power of enemies and we have to fight for our country make our country secure from the enemies.Call of duty:modern warfare is a completely new series introduced
by activision this time after the success of their previous FPS series they are making this lineup even more bigger and better.

Call of duty: modern warfare is a first person shooter game or FPS game.In call of duty: modern warfare you are captain Soap who is newly recruit in U.S. army and is ready to take down enemies
along with his teammates the game is quiet bigger and not so different from previous titles.The game is dynamic, bigger challenges and some new and fresh missions which make this little different from previous call of duty titles.The game is simple yet more challenging and I really enjoyed this game.The game is well optimized by developer's making this game run in almost every rig. and give this game an edge.

Let's talk about the graphics guy's, the game is beautiful but not as what i had expected the game is good but not best, game has some dynamic enviornment which make this game look very beautiful
in some area, ground battle's are awesome and the game is very well defined by developer's, game look great in high setting but when switch to low setting game looses it shine and look quiet old type
but still the game is very good to play.Enviornment mainly trees look beautiful game look more gorgeous in night as compare to day in my opinion.Overall the game is beautiful and well designed.

The game is set in early period's of American history and we are Captain Soap we have to fight as usual for out country as an army officer we have to face many challenges and complete each and
every mission game story is little different from other call of duty titles.Game storyline is quiet good and will make you to sit in your chair for extra hour's.

Overall i just want to say that the game is good and as the game is new title in this call of duty: series activision really did great job in this game.Game is good, beautiful and has better
storyline which give this game an edge the game is very well optimized which make it easy to play even in old non-gaming rig. which is really great.The game has detail, dynamic enviornment and
a new lead character captain Soap.



call of duty 4: modern warfare