Beyond: Expectations

Written by DannyJay on Wed, Oct 9, 2013 11:53 PM

I'd like to start by saying I'm not incredibly far, I just can't hold my excitement for this game and need to express it. This will also contain some small spoilers, nothing large.

First Glance-

Right off the bat I notice the graphics are absolutely beautiful for this game, it's literally the pinnacle of PS3, I think if it was pushed any further it'd explode! Everything about the looks of the game is perfect except 1 thing, it REALLY needs anti-aliasing, the sharp edges are very noticeable against lighted areas. Anywho, onto the game.

As soon as you boot the game it gives a 'Heavy Rain' feel, even the menu's it's all very alike, consider this what you will but I love it, I've had so much fun with Heavy Rain and it's brilliant to see a revival, of course this is the intended purpose, as you play the game it's exactly the same as Heavy Rain control wise each intricate movement requires a certain action from you, the player, it's all pulled off very well!Of course later on you develop the power of Aiden and what he can do, and it's a very fun feature! You can play with almost any prop in the situation, anything from flicking a ball to blowing up a table, I can't express the hours wasted playing with Aiden, this is why I'm not very far! Aiden is a great feature and pulled off very well, but from him being a feature, to the main story.


Aiden, the linked entity, it's wonderful how they've portrayed his presence, from Jodie being "The Devil" and even her own parents want her out, and most impacting of all, Jodie wants herself out, right from the Prologue it's showing how Jodie's life has been ruined by this entity, it's caused pain, fear, betrayal, and so on, but the problem is because of this, Aiden's her only companion, even at a young age she didn't like Aiden but knew she was stuck with him, but due to these "Time Skips" in the prologue, jumping from young to older, to younger again, it's clear that in the near future she's come to accept his presence and at one point, needs it, it's in the moment of when Jodie thought Aiden had left, she comes to realise she needs him, no matter what's happened.


The actors, could not have been a better choice in my opinion, William Dafoe is a brilliant actor and played his part to a T, I never thought he'd do video games but I'm so glad he did, he made it more of a film than a game in my opinion and this is in no way a bad thing! Ellen Page, I don't think there could've been a better choice for part as Ellen Page, and it's weird how they made her child version, it's the graphics of today, but they've just played their part valiantly and I commend them for it, it's just all too good, I mean there are other good actors too you'll probably recognise, but as mains they're just brilliant.


Anyway, I'm spoiling too much, but I just love to say how well everything is pulled off, the gameplay is fun even though it's mostly just story, the fighting scenes are simple but make you feel like a total bad*** for doing it, the most rewarding kind of experience, as well as the actual cover and action parts, the fact you have to use Aiden to your advantage is again, a great feature, they're doing the most of what they've come up with! I'm glad that game developers are finally making more story driven games, instead of churning out gun games every year, some are slowing down to come up with almost an interactive story, I prefer these, the fact you control everything from opening a door to flying a spirit, it's not fast paced it's slow and fun.

Interactive Story-

Remember I said interactive story? It's not an understatement, not only do you just walk a character around inside a virtual story, but you actually make impacting decisions in real time, I know this is quite a commodity nowadays and is extremely over sold, but this is just brilliant, even the tiny decisions like "Would you like a beer" are just, wow, some situations are genuinely tough and that's the beauty of it, it means you're involved in the story, you're enthralled and are concerned about the future, it's a great feeling and that's how you know it's a great game.


If I were to list some cons it'd be just a few things, sometimes the controls are a bit tedious from time to time, having to do everything is a little complex and a little too slow sometimes, as well as the fact the camera angles can get very annoying, it has no heads up that the angle is changing and then your character just jolts around as you regain your direction, and you have no say whether you want the angle to change, I know it's for a more 'Movie like' feel but it's a little annoying.Again the sharp edges, needs anti-aliasing but it is due to the fact it's limited to PS3, and PS3 doesn't have it so, not the games fault, and onto what I think is the most annoying thing in the game, although the fighting scenes are extremely fun, the directions are "Move the R stick, in the direction Jodie moves her limbs" or something along those lines, but the camera angles don't help with that, for example Jodie is about to block a movement and her limb is going to her right, but from the camera angle it looks like her limbs are going down, so I put it down, and whadda ya' know? It's wrong. I just don't like that alone, however the rest of the games makes up for it, nothing's perfect!


Heavy Rain is again a title I loved and these developers should prosper to make more titles like this, there's nothing more I love than a story driven game, who's with me? I'd love to tell you more I just don't want to spoil too much just walk away with this.

Play It.


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Superb Controls
  • Perfect Story


  • No Anti-Aliasing
  • Annoying Angles
  • Awkward Fight Scenes



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