Just because it's 2D, It doesn't mean it's bad to look at

Space Rangers 2 contains an extremely open universe in which you're given the opportunity to create your own path. You fill the space boots of a space ranger and it's your job to carry out various missions, or on the other hand, live the life of a space pirate in this game that spans multiple genres.

Space Rangers 2 begins in the year 3300, 200 years after the events of the the original. The galaxy is now being threatened by a mysterious enemy known as The Dominator's. These powerful robots are taking over worlds and destroying ships and ultimately it's up to you to help stop them. If you choose to...

Once you've passed basic training and you're in your ship it's entirely your choice what to do. You decide where you want to go and what missions to take. Missions are generally found by speaking to representatives at a planet's government building. The quests are varied, for example you could be entrusted to transport certain cargo to another planet before a certain date. Or you'll need to escort certain ships from one place to another. You can even choose combat missions which involve dealing with enemies at a certain location. Sounds a lot like an RPG doesn't it? And indeed Space Rangers is largely a role playing game (in space, don't forget that) but there are also other aspects that feature prominently.

Another genre that's featured in Space Rangers is the old school text adventure. You can end up in certain situations where it's like being in one of those books. You make your choices and have to deal with the consequences. (Which can involve horrible deaths by the way, so be careful!) These text adventures are usually optional, however sometimes you are dragged into them.

Combat can become extremely difficult, even impossible, if you're not strong enough. You could end up flying through a certain area of space and without warning you'll get attacked by a small army. I ended up getting my ship blown up on a number of occasions just because I didn't have the power to take them on...or indeed lacked the speed to get away. This can be frustrating. The best thing in this situation is to just remember where the enemy fleets are and avoid that area until you've levelled up and have the equipment – or a fleet of your own – to deal with it. The only other minor negative I came across was that some of text has been lost in translation, but this doesn't really detract from the experience.