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Dungeon of the Endless is an indie game being developed by Amplitude Studios, set in the same universe as the studio's other title, Endless Space. It is still in Early Access(hence the preview) and is presently at Alpha Version 3, providing a fresh twist on the tower defense and rogue-like genres.

In Dungeons of the Endless you play as a party of elite fighters who have crashed on an alien planet, more specifically inside a humongous dungeon on the planet. Now your mission is to get the hell out of there, all the while protecting a strange crystal that powers up modules and your ship...

You have a top down view of the dungeonto plan out your strategies. Your ultimate goal in each level is to explore the dungeon and find the room with an access elevator that will take you back to the surface. You then have to take your crystal to the elevator, all the while fighting off waves of enemies and finally bailing out of the dungeon.


The player is given two heroes at the beginning of a level, with no special abilities available. As you explore the randomly generated dungeon you will find various resources which can be used to build electric modules (Industry) or to level up/hire/heal heroes (Food). A resource named Science is still under progress and will be available in later versions of the game. Each room you open can contain Dust (gives you the aforementioned resources and also powers your crystal), enemies, or more heroes for you to command. The heroes themselves can level up by killing enemies that are also randomly generated. There are currently four heroes to choose from and seven types of enemies that are available in the game right now, with many more planned to be introduced at a later date.  Some enemies are harder to kill but as yet have no other special attribute other than how they look. The heroes have different types of primary weapons which will be upgradeable and switchable in the future, allowing you to kit out your crack squad a bit more. 

The early-access version of Dungeon of the Endless is often hugely enjoyable but it unfortunately gets repetitive fairly quickly. The 2-3 hours I played were challenging but I did find my interest waning. Obviously you need to remember that this is a very early version of the game and there is much more content that the Amplitude Studios intends to add, so the jury's still very much out on this one. Nonetheless it was fun to play and was a nice break from the  various heavy hitters out there, with a bit more work and some increased variety it could be a nice little package.

The game is good for casual playing but was not able to completely engross me.  Future updates should hopefully eradicate this problem, any form of a story mode would have gone a long way in keeping my interest personally,  but the game is by its nature arcade-like in nature.

This is definitely one to look out for and will hopefully keep becoming better and better as the content updates continue to roll out.