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Written by IsalaShane on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 12:02 PM
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   Please note that this game hits a very personal interest of mine, this is very opinionated and it's very unlikely someone feels the exact same way about it as me.


    Serious Sam, a gem not recognized enough in this era of generic FPS games. People usually recall games such as Doom, Quake, and Timesplitters when referring to great classic first person shooters, Serious Sam definitely deserves a spot with those titles, if not a spot on top of them.

    Serious Sam has what every game should be striving for, fun. Yes a nice story and graphics are always nice in their own right but how much is a video game really worth if it doesn't give you that feeling of being sucked in and spending countless hours in a bliss. This is what Serious Sam is in a nutshell. The name is quite ironic because the game does opposite of take itself seriously, with our hero Sam shouting clever one liners and references, it's hard not to get a giggle every now and then. This is not the only time you will be smiling during Serious Sam, you will have a goofy smile through your whole adventure, it's that fun. The game takes place in Egypt, you are Sam "Serious" Stone and you are in a mission to save the world by going back in time and defeating an alien race known as the "Mental". This name is very fitting, you will be shooting and dissembling one eyed monsters, guys with saws as their heads and men running at you screaming holding bombs. Those are just a few of the many enemies this game holds, all having their own gimmick to make a battle interesting, especially when mixed.

    This game has a basic formula, enemies, enemies, door, enemies, secret, enemies. That's it. Such a simple formula yet so smart in practice. The game consistently throws hordes of enemies at you in often large open areas or inside corridor riddled buildings through linear levels. This game does not offer you a map, it doesn't need to, it cleverly leads you where you need to go and guarantees you won't get lost. Not just this the levels are perfect, they are designed exactly how they need to be to make the encounters interesting as the game is throwing hordes of enemies at you. It does so with style. This is what made me fall in love with the game, you are offered many interesting weapons to just blast away at your oncoming hordes of enemies. All of the weapons feel strong and make you feel powerful, while having interesting enemy behaviors and the sheer amount to maintain an interesting difficulty. I always felt like when I completed a section it was from my own skill.

    Serious Sam has very clever old school design, with many scripted events, but well placed. Such as certain items being a trigger for enemies when taken. Also in old school fashion, there are secrets. Many secrets, allowing you to get helpful items and early guns. Also having very unique level designs, with interesting settings and fitting enemy spawns, you are always interested and ready to continue playing for hours, and hours. If you're going to judge this game by the graphics then you're looking at it the wrong way, but the graphics aren't bad either. This HD remake features more advanced effects and textures, while still using what seems to be the original models and sounds. It looks good enough and for this game that's alright with me.

    So, how good is it? It's good enough for it be my favorite game that I've played this year (Note, it was released much earlier). It outshines Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Day Z. Why? Because I had more fun with it than any other game I have ever played, it does what I love out of a video game, create fun. I will always remember this game along with other of my favorite games of all time.


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