The Dark and Disturbing "Spec Ops:The Line"

Written by burningdagge on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 5:07 AM
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How well optimised is Spec Ops: The Line for PC? 8.5

When I first picked up "Spec Ops: The Line" I thought it was going to be another boring 3rd person shooter that had nothing for a story line, but I was quite wrong. 


This dark and almost post-apocalyptic 3rd Person Shooter that has a story line that drives you near insanity trying to fully grasp what is currently going on. (Warning Possible Spoiler Alerts) You first learn that Dubai is destroyed, gone by sandstorms. As you search for survivors you soon learn that the survivors are battling an American division that was sent there to save the civilians. The 33rd Infantry was sent to help, but they ended up killing thousands of people. Through the course of the game you make bad decisions and you get people killed.


This game has amazing graphics, gameplay, good replay ability,a and an amazing story line. 


9/10 on Graphics

10/10 on Story

10/10 on Gameplay

9.5/10 Overall


  • A Driven Story that Keeps
  • Great Graphics and Great Gamepla
  • Replay ability that lasts


  • A bit to dark for some people
  • The Easy is a bit hard
  • The Morale choices mean nothing



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