CoD Ghosts, better than previous CoD games

Written by mark1996 on Fri, May 2, 2014 9:47 PM
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How well optimised is Call of Duty: Ghosts for PC? 5.8

Before i start i want to point out two things:

1. I didn't play/bought any CoD games after MW2, since it was all the same back then in my opinion

2. I installed the free offering from Steam, therefore this review is about the Multiplayer only


Graphics & Optimalization

No this is NOT how it looks, it looks way crappier if you play

The first thing i noticed here is that CoD basiclly looks the same as the previous installments, i didn't looked much better than MW2 honestly. Graphics don't make or brake a game but this is pathetic. I mean the game has pretty high requirements but doesn't justify them at all, 25GB HDD space for these low-res textures? Also the game doesn't look a thing better on 1440p than it does on 1080p, but the framerate suffers.  The text qnd mini map will get sharper on a higher resolution, however the textures won't.


To make it even worse the optimalization is horrible, even with my rig i get stutters occasionely. This means the game is a really bad port, if i compare to BF4, that performs way better and looks much better aswell. Also the maximum FoV is 80? Really infinity ward, we aren't console gamers and most of us want a FoV of 90.


Gameplay/Level Design

So i joined a random game and noticed that it's almost the same as all the other recent CoD games. Wow what a progression. The only thing apparently changed is either the weapon damage or the amount of health you have. As you die much quicker compared to the previous games. A bit to quick in my opinion. Then level desgin, also really bad, the levels are really linear in my opinion. Compare these things to BF4 and CoD will lose. About later weapons and balancing i can't speak since i played 1 1/2 hours or so.


Here's a quick video, also notice the arrogance of some players




This my personal opinion about it, if you like it that absolutly fine


  • Not really


  • Crappy Graphics
  • Bad level desgin
  • Again the same thing all over



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