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Hey folks,

Y'all didn't expect an article from me, heh? Well here it is, my very own little preview of the upcoming Minimum! What is that game? Where to get it? I will try to answer to these questions, let's get started!


- Description -

- Minimum is a third person online shooter, with an interesting aesthetic choice (if you call this game a Minecraft shooter, I'll probably break your neck). This game is brought to you by Atari and Human Head, and is supposed to be a Free2Play title, yet to be released, of course. The game is not even available through the Steam Early Access program, but it is just matter of time. Making a comparison with Loadout, I think, wouldn't be a mistake. Minimum will let you craft your own weapons (well, more like buying the blueprint for it, and then crafting it with the "blocks" you have gathered from your matches). You'll be able to create classes with the weapons you want. Depending on what weapons you'll choose, you will have different abilities (a jumpboost for instance...). You can create a badass character with a rocketlauncher, but you will be slower, or rush with your katana jumping everywhere. So far, there is only one gamemode ("Titan", I'll tell you more about it) available, the description being:

"Teams fight over the world’s energy by using Titans to break down each other’s walls. Titans are powered by your team’s Creep farming abilities." -Devs

Yup! Titans! but don't expect to be able to ride them like another famous FPS, they are controlled by the AI.

- Gameplay -

- In the gamemode we testers are able to play (simply named "Titan"), the players have to kill some creatures, referred as "creeps", in order to power up your team's titan so it can go smash the enemies walls. Sometime, a special creep will spawn (it is often glowing and golden, a little bit tougher) and if you kill it, it will instantly power up your titan. But your enemies are doing the same thing, so you will have to kill them too. The more players you kill, the more powerful you'll be. In the picture above, I killed few enemies, and the game gave me an extra katana, now busting with flames, I was also faster. When you're injured, your body will glow. Just hide somewhere to get your health back. You can also directly shoot at the other titans when it's powered up to prevent it from destroying your walls.

That's how it works for this gamemode, there are two other gamemodes, one being, if I'm not mistaken, Team Deathmatch (sounds logical that it is in this game). Please note that there is only a little piece of the game's content available to us.

- Conclusion -

- Minimum looks promising. I have a ton of fun playing it, even though the content is very limited (perfectly normal for a closed beta). Some weapons might need to be nerfed, and I really hope they will implement a server list (I doubt it on this one, sadly), as the game only works through a Matchmaking system (which actually, does its job pretty well, even with the low playerbase).

The game will be available on Steam (I can't give you any link as the game is not up on Steam yet) through Early Access,  Spring 2014 (that's all I got). If I'm  not mistaken, the game is running on Unreal Engine 3, the minimum specs (given by the devs) are: "Windows 7 32-bit, 2GHz CPU, 2GB memory, a DX10-compatible video card and 350MB of hard drive space".

I am happy to say that one of their primary goal is to implement the Workshop into the game (allowing users to create content for the game, and maybe maps!).

That's all for this preview, once again, I would have loved to tell you more about it, but the content still limited. You can register to (maybe) get access to the closed beta. I'll give you my referral link, as always, you are free to use it or not. I hope to see you InGame, one day!