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The Radeon HD 7700 series was released on 15th of February 2012. this Series include the Radeon HD 7770 and Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD 7790. The Radeon HD 7770 features 640 stream cores based on the GCN architecture, whereas the Radeon HD 7750 has only 512 stream cores. Both cards are equipped with 1 GB GDDR5 memory and manufactured in 28 nm. On March 22, 2013 another card, Radeon HD 7790, was introduced in this series. This card is based on the Bonaire architecture, featuring 896 stream cores based on GCN 1.1 technology and 1GB Vram. his Card is Released with price of 210$ and its current price is about 170$


There are many different Special editions of this HD 7790, some of them are listed as follows:

HD 7790 Gigabyte OC Editon

HD 7790 XFX OC Edition

HD 7790 DirectCU II Edition

HD 7790 Saphire OC Edtions

HD 7790 PowerCooler OC Edtionsetc.

Almost all of them Supports 2GB Vram, So, we will Discuss about HD 7790 Saphire OC Edtion here.


The Radeon HD 7790 Sapphire OC Editions Supports 1050Mhz of Core Speed and 1600MHZ of Memory Speed, its Pixel rate is 17 Gpixel Per second and Supports Direct x 11.1 with 5.0 Shader Model and 4.2 OpenGL. It needs a Good Dual Core CPU to be set with and a 500W power supply, its maximum power voltage is 85W


The Sapphire HD 7790 OC edition has a good appearence with Black PCB, Black Fan and u can also see two copper Heat pipes for cooling.


The Benchmarks Indicates about 4.5% Performance boost as compared to the Simple HD 7790 (Pip).

Following are some Games Benchmarks of some Games at 1050p:

Battlefield 3: DX11 Ultra Settings 4xMSAA/16XAF

44.6 FPS average.

Crysis 3: DX11 Very High Quality

38.3 FPS average.

Farcry 3: DX11 Ultra 4XMSAA

27.8 FPS average.

Max Payne 3: DX11 VeryHigh/FXAA

49.7 FPS average.

Dirt 3: DX11 Max qualtiy/4XAA

62.1 FPS average.

Sleeping Dogs: DX 11 VeryHigh/FXAA at

27.6 FPS average.


At the end, this card is very nice and play almost all the current games at Very high settings with nice FPS, its design is beautiful and it looks pretty nice, its cooling is very Incredible you can play games whole night without any disturbance, it is low at cost and budget saver, The most of all that it is till able to Handle Next generations games pretty Nicely! i'll give this Card 10/10 Because it works Perfectly!


  • Low Cost
  • Awesome Cooling
  • Play Games Well





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06:56 Jun-06-2014

Your card is 1GB edition right?

16:36 Jun-06-2014

Yeah your Correct, but this article is about 2 gb OC version..

16:43 Jun-06-2014

Okey dokey.