Farcry 4: A game to not miss out on.

Written by Scott on Thu, Nov 27, 2014 8:53 AM
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Far Cry 4: it is an above average interesting game following up on Far Cry, the original game in the series. The game mechanics and elements are very similar to it's past brothers but it's still just one of those kick-ass titles that we the PC-gaming community keep coming back for. You take over the role of Ajay Ghale (interesting name, yes) the son of a dead king, in a desperate yet dedicated return to the country of Kyrat in order to fulfill his mothers dying wish. Poor Ajay is almost immediately sucked into a civil war between the Golden Path and Pagan Min's Royal Army. The same survival instincts and tactics still apply here but they have been modified and changed to make an easier playing field. Here's my take on this gem of a game.

Those of you who've played Far Cry 1-2-3 will feel simply at home, and oddly so. A stranger still to this new and yet familiar world with this fast yet slow paced game that allows YOU the player to control your side, your story and the outcome to this game, a feature I've grown quite fond of the past 2 games. You'll find that the game can ultimately be played 2 ways - being a nice guy that runs around being everybody's errand boy. Or somebody who's the kind of guy that shoot's first and asks questions later. Either way it's your choice if running around just killing everything you see is your cup-of-tea.

In Far Cry 4 there are many choices in the game that effect your outcome, your ability to handle situations and just being a total bad-ass. You can either choose one skill set (Tiger or Elephant) or be a balance between both. And there's the choice between the 2 rebellion leaders that just simply can't get along and always argue, provoking thoughts like; ''I mean come on, seriously? People are dying and you're fighting? THIS ISN'T SAW!''

While the level system is tedious and rather repetitive, Ubisoft has thrown in a good bunch of side quests, locations to find, Fortress's to conquer and Outpost's to liberate. Each giving you, the player, your own place in the world. I find that, even though the task may seem woefully, woefully brash and rather un-rewarding, nothing is cooler than getting that last fortress conquered with a DEATH FROM ABOVE take-down I say.

Ubisoft, as always have made it their best feat to truly destroy our computers. While Far Cry 3 in it's own right is still as beautiful as ever, Far Cry 4 surpasses Far Cry 3 in just about everything. And for those of us with Nvidia cards, we can sit back and enjoy the ''Nvidia preset'' and adding their beautiful ''Godrays'' effect to the game. While I find this truly nice, it's often times hard to notice the effects and is just rather not worth the 5-7 fps it takes from the game.

The game has almost every feature as Far Cry 3 did, with the same exploration and crafting feats to gain stronger abilities and just be a Chuck Norris knock off. And better yet, Ubisoft has thrown in some new ones, allowing us to grapple mountains for easier elevations and of course, the better deal, getting the wingsuit early in the game. YES! And I also can't forget the fact you can ride around huge elephants and simply cause chaos unto the soon to be miserable people of Kyrat. Also granted you have Uplay points you can use those to get access to painted elephants as well, adds to the theme and just makes you cooler than everybody else.

The game's soundtrack is truly a beauty in it's own right. From the jungle sounds and the river currents; you'll find yourself surrounded by ambiance as a slow but subtle track plays in the back as you hunt, dive, swim and explore.

The character's are lovable and hateful at the same time, coming from Pagans truly and brutal onslaught, to his rather sick (yet hilarious) humor I find myself right at home in this situation.

In conclusion, this game is a gem even if it is repetitive and just rather bland at times. The game makes up for it with it's massive add-ons and hopefully we'll be seeing more and more DLC for this game to come. I recommend this to the experienced Far Cry player and to a gamer new to the series, it's one of the series that simply CANNOT be missed.  


  • Soundtrack
  • Action
  • Exploration


  • Gets repetitve
  • Some choice limitations



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00:56 Dec-05-2014

great game. i dont say this often but i wanted to replay the game again soon as I beat it.... the only thing stopping me is that theres no +newgame where I get to use my unlocked guns.

admin approved badge
17:11 Nov-27-2014

Nice review! My only problem with this game is that the it looks too much like Far Cry 3.

senior admin badge
08:57 Nov-27-2014

Awesome review bro.
Sad to read it's repetitive though. That's what made me lose interest in Farcry 3 after a while.
I don't even think I played that one halfway through.

admin badge
09:01 Nov-27-2014

Same here.. I love this game, it's just not one I come home from work and I'm like YES TIME TO PLAY farcry 4, I keep up on it but it's in my spare time I guess.

admin approved badge
16:43 Nov-28-2014

Almost all ubisoft games have repetitive missions.