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Written by bloodman92 on Sun, Jun 21, 2015 6:33 PM
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Virtual Tennis 4 is a decent simulator of real tennis in which you can play against the most famous tennis players - from Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic to Federer.In terms of graphics the game is looking good but of 10 score I would give it a 7.

As you cranck the difficulty a bit the games gets really interesting especially against the top players.The biggest drawback of this game is the lack of full 3 set games which is very far away from reality.

In the tour mode you get a coach which you cannot change as you proceed through the game winning matches against big stars you can get them as your partners in 2 to 2 matches.It is important to note that you should train the player regularly,buy movements,relax a lot before going in tournament in this game.

The game might look very easy to play to some but there are many aspects to be taken into account - form-energy ratio,how many days left to final tournament( you got less points if you get late for the final tournament.

The bigger form you have by training in practices(1 ,2,3,4,5,6 level) the more the energy bar increases and the more beautiful moves you execute.

By overall the game deserves a 6.5 score for gameplay,7 for graphics.

Once more i will say I'm dissatisfied with the lack of full three set experience in EVERY tournament in tour mode.

Its more easier to win in one set then in three set.Another thing which is bothering me how my player gets tired but the opponent CPU/AI never gets tired and returns 99.7% of my balls,not that realistic in my opinion.

Thanks for reading,since this is my first review excuse me for not being exact,very rational,interesting.

I hope I get a good amount of hits :p,your buddy blood922.


  • Decent graphics
  • The top players are in game


  • Lack of full three set exp
  • The AI is sometimes on weed
  • The controls are not very good



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14:29 Jul-01-2015

My fav tennis game, but it is not a simulator. It's fun, unrealistic and can get your fingers tired. I've only played it once alone so I have no idea how AI is, but I assume it doesn't break controllers when loosing :-)