Bam! There it is. Level 21!

Name the two biggest problems with Fallout 3. Go on. I bet you said the level cap and the abrupt ending didn't you? So did I, and guess what? Yup, Broken Steel increases the level cap to 30 and – rejoice! - changes the ending to one of open-ended joy. There you go. That's all you need to know - 9/10. Only joking, here are some more word-thoughts on this, the best of Fallout 3's DLC:

Broken Steel begins where the main game finished, and, to start with at least, it looks like it's going to end there again. The transition from old to new content is clumsily handled - it still plays the completion movie - but instead of going back to the main menu you wake up two weeks later in the Citadel. Project Purity has been a roaring success, and clean water is beginning to reach parts of the Wasteland. However, the Enclave are far from defeated and are, unsurprisingly, making a nuisance of themselves. Yes, you're going to give them what for once and for all. Cue more missions and general Fallout fun.

What you have here is more: more missions; more weapons; more bad guys; more levels and perks - more of the good stuff basically. The vast majority of what’s added has been added to the existing world, unlike all of the other DLC's where they add areas outside the Capital Wasteland, and this is exactly what I've been waiting for. The new missions and areas are done with the kind of style and class you’d expect from the game and Bethesda, however some of the new items are a touch disappointing and the new monsters are just more deadly versions of existing ones (such as Feral Ghoul Reavers), but all this pales in comparison to the main changes.

Upping the existing level cap was completely necessary - surely most people hit level 20 before they were anywhere near completing the main story missions? If you’re anything like me, you’ll easily hit the new, level 30 cap as well, but the chance of 10 extra levels and the glorious new perks they bring adds so much to the game. Especially considering the change to the game’s ending.

Broken Steel leaves Fallout 3 open to explore after you finish the main story and I can’t tell you how important this is. All the side missions become inviting and you no longer feel like you’re rushed for time to take them on, or to see the World. This was something I felt in the main game, knowing the ending was going to be abrupt and final, and it got in the way of my enjoyment. After all, there’s an entire world out there for you to muck about in, why stop you from doing so? It needed the ability to play on once the main story was done - Bethesda did it with Oblivion, and it was sorely lacking from this.

You could argue that all this should’ve been in Fallout 3 from the start and you’d probably be right, but let’s ignore that – water under the bridge and all that. This is without doubt the best and most important of all of Fallout 3’s DLC. Yes, the others add cool new areas but I can’t imagine playing Fallout 3 without this add-on.

An awfully large weapon can be yours.