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Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiF) is practically a community project. A bunch of people need to come together to make their way in a virtual world. You start with a handful of food and some rags to cover up your modesty. From there you must forage across the lands to build your own tools that will help you interact with the world further. By doing this you get more skilled and can then make better equipment and buildings. You know, the survival gaming staples.


If people work together they can create houses and even castles, but should they fall out with each other or perhaps start off on opposing teams, then those castle walls will not just be for show. Battles can rage and resources can be stolen. You do not want to be in a fight with a knight armed with only a shovel.


We felt it only appropriate to cover this game by dropping our lovely admin into the online LiF sandbox together and seeing how they got on. Here are their accounts of how Life is Feudal: Your Own measured up. If you ever wanted proof that reviews are just one player’s opinion, rather than a definitive verdict, then here it is. Life might not be Feudal, but it’s certainly divisive.



Life is Feudal is everything you'd want in a realistic open world medieval simulator. Rolling hills with vast forestry blocks and not a zombie in sight; a game world with great attention to detail; perfectly implemented music and  lush scenery with a day and night cycle for added realism. The crafting and terraforming  elements really do mean the only limit is your own imagination.


LIF is also a stat heavy game where every action rewards the player with increased proficiency in the key stats (Strength, Intellect, etc) and once you're proficient enough you'll unlock additional specializations (Carpentry, Farming, and more).


Although Life is Feudal may look picturesque and have great gameplay, it still has its faults. The movement and interaction can sometimes feel rather clunky. When placing items on a slope they’re placed horizontally and cause it to clip through the ground. I found this to happen with most objects, which took a little away from the immersion . It seems like quiter a fundamental thing to get wrong, but it is early days for LiF.


Fortunately, what LiF lacks in graphical prowess, it more than makes up for thanks to the actual gameplay. Invest enough time and you'll be building your own villages and full settlements.


It’s worth noting that LiF needs some serious attention to bolster your stats (this can be tweaked if you create your own server) and although the game is great I highly recommend you play with other eager players to the best experience. Sharing the work will allow you achieve so much more when you focus on your own personal roles within the tribe …. or Kingdom.





DivaythTo my regret I've had to find out that this game is not for me. I like the setting and gameplay, and I've fantasized about a medieval style game with good combat mechanics and crafting your own things since I was a little boy. But there's just too many things bothering me about Life is Feudal.


First of all, to achieve anything it is paramount you get together with a group of friends so you can divide the tasks among all players. Having to do everything by yourself gets you nowhere, or would take far too much time. The game is a grind, even when playing together. For a new player getting into the game there's also quite a bit of frustration involved getting to know the ropes. There's next to no explanation given in-game while you're playing it, so prepare to be sat staring at your screen reading and watching instructional YouTube videos. An in-game tutorial on the basics of the game would not be amiss.


Those two minor points on Life is Feudal would have been forgivable for me, if the world wasn't so bug-ridden. On more than one occasion I found stuff I  had created had disappeared when I next logged into the servers. Considering the amount of hours put in to achieve very little, it’s frustrating to have even that little taken away from you.


LiF is probably a lot of fun if you're being spared the bugs and can invest enough time in it.

Watching you build something grand in a team effort is no doubt satisfying. But in a week of playing the game, we never got that far.



Life is Feudal: Your Own is a crafting/survival grind fest of a game based in medieval times and it is fantastic! The game has quite the learning curve and the amount of time one must invest to do just about anything can be tremendous, but for those like me who enjoy a challenge it’s entertaining to say the least. The sandbox features of the game are promising while the progression is rewarding.


Life is Feudal is complex yet totally unintuitive. Depending on the server you play on  it can be very slow to achieve anything. At its core though it is what it says it is though, and boasts some great features buried deep within its menus. If you’re looking for a PvP orientated survival game that is complex, has RPG elements, takes time to play and learn, has a detailed crafting system and makes you look up a wiki just to chop a tree down, and I know you’re out there somewhere, then this could be the game for you.




Even though I have played multiplayer games for many, many hours - and a lot of RPG games too - I never took that step into a playing a grand MMORPG game like this one. LiF combines a survival sandbox experience with a realistic RPG. Its way of leveling up is quite refreshing, interesting and much more pragmatic compared to the classic RPG formula, where you gather XP in various ways and assign skill points based on whatever skill tree you want. In Life is Feudal, the more you use an ability, the better you become at it, unlocking new skills in that branch. Beware though, because the amount of skills and total levels one can have is limited by a cap which is dependent on the server settings.


At this point I need to mention that teamplay is absolutely crucial. Not just because it speeds up every process, but also because each member of the team needs to focus and unlock the various skills needed to create a guild with its own community. No one can be a jack of all trades even if they have the huge amounts of time needed, simply because the skill cap won't allow it.

Some players need to be farmers, some builders, some warriors etc. I really love this idea because LiF really corresponds to real life, give a sense of community spirit and cooperation.


Some aspects of it can be a bit of grind but choosing or creating a server with lowered crafting, building and gathering times can solve that issue for the most part. The possibilities in the game are endless. There is a huge variety of buildings and settlements to create, offering freedom to craft everything from dilapidated villages to humongous castles. Whole cities can be built in the game with actual leadership.  Houses can be rented or sold in order to offer protection from raids and attacks. Guild leaders have increased levels of authority (yes that's a skill :P), or can enforce taxes on the poorer players/peasants living nearby. I haven't tried combat myself since you need to spend a lot more time on the game to reach that stage, but from what I have seen it’s reminiscent of Skyrim, sans the magic.



On the technical side of things, Life is Feudal more than decent for a huge open world MMO. Performance-wise it stands amongst the larger open world survival games like Rust, DayZ etc. These games can be extremely hard to max since the whole world is loaded at once and frame rates depend a lot on your surroundings. A big city can force the strongest of GPUs/CPUs to their knees, while the wilderness is much more forgiving. Lowering the settings of course can offer playable framerates even on mid-range machines and of course the game plays smoothly even at 30-40 fps. Crashes are fairly frequent at this stage, which can be annoying at times since it takes 1-2 minutes to load back in.


There was also a weird case of our house and other elements of our work disappearing which needs to be investigated. Other than that I found Life is Feudal to be bug-free for the most part, and in a good state. Overall it’s impressive that the developers have managed to realistically emulate the feudal society and I am looking forward to making big things with everyone in the final game :D



Let's put this straight, Life is Feudal: Your Own is medieval-themed role-playing sandbox simulator. This means the game requires a lot of time to play, because you can do practically anything. So you need to choose between your real life or this game. Mining resources, cutting trees, catching fish, crafting items, weaving clothes, constructing buildings, crafting furniture, mixing deadly poisons and powerful potions - all this and much more is on offer in Life is Feudal.


Naturally, in survival game fashion, you can die of starvation, can build only on level ground, and of course you need the proper tools in order to do anything. LiFtries to offer realism, so don't expect to build a castle within a day - if you aren't a patient person, then probably skip this game right away. One of my biggest problems with this game is there is practically no information on how to do things. Yes, there is a wiki, but wrapping your head around things is really hard at first. My subjective feeling is that the game is still in an alpha stage, while being sold as full game. That's not essentially a problem, but it means there are bugs and the whole game tends to feel a little unfinished and unpolished.



Yet I am pleasantly surprised by many of its features, For example horses and carts, which should help speed things up, as well as adding more realism. I have been able to play the game only a little, in order to get better idea about the game. I used server GodMode so I could test things which would require days or weeks in actual game. So far I am definitely not disappointed, there is so much to explore and not enough time to play.



Life is Feudal is part of a fast growing genre, a sort of Minecraft-esque survival game. It’s basically about a medieval world in which society has collapsed and you, a survivor, are left to find a new world for a fresh start. Its gameplay feels like a mix of Minecraft and DayZ, with the look of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Life is Strange game operates like many multiplayer crafting games, using player hosted servers. This allows you to tailor your experience to a certain extent. There are servers for PvP, servers for mass building and even servers for straightforward survival. Life is Feudal is enhanced even more when you play with friends and work as a team, especially in those PvP servers, where death carries a heavy penalty.


I found the tutorials to be frustratingly brief and they never fully explained how to carry out actions, what buttons to press etc. This leaves a lot of learning up to you. To really enjoy this game, you need to gain a deep understanding of the game. Another thing that stood out was how the gameplay never seemed to flow. You were always stopping and clicking through various menus to choose your desired action. You can set an action as default but as soon as that action isn’t available, the default resets. The game tries to be realistic, almost to a fault. It takes a massive amount of time just to flatten out some land to build a shelter.


But for all its various faults, Life is Feudal is a game that can be thoroughly enjoyed with a large group of friends and hours of spare time. The developers are still working on it, trying to smooth things out and catch all the bugs. So maybe in time, Life is Feudal can become something great, a monument to humanity's ability to cooperate. But until then, it makes for an interesting and realistic take on your average block builder.





Life is Feudal is my first online, open-world role-playing game, so it was all new to me. Going into it I was skeptical, believing the game would be a boring experience with me quitting after the first hour or so of gameplay.


I was both right and wrong at the same time. Jumping into the game and not knowing what to do, I  quickly became bored and tired of running around, seemingly able to do nothing. I am used to jumping into a game, be it a shooter, action, adventure etc, and being able to pick up on the controls quickly and working toward a given objective. After being invited by a friend to an online server, I was told to actually follow the in-game tutorial. I have never had to follow a tutorial, but opted to do so since I had no idea what I was doing. For those who are used to this style of gameplay a tutorial may not be required, but for those first entering this genre a tutorial is definitely a necessity. After going through the tutorial and learning the basics, I began to enjoy myself a lot more.


There isn’t a massive amount I like about the game, but there are a few things. I like the Medieval aspect of Life is Feudal. The weapons and the style of clothing and architecture bring a nice atmosphere. As well as this the online gameplay, being able to interact with people by either forming an alliance or attacking them and pillaging their resources, was a unique experience. The chief thing I enjoyed though is the sheer variety of gameplay. You can do anything from farming to hunting to building castles. There’s a lot to do, but some flaws in the game take away from these positive aspects.


Life is Feudal suffers from being Jack of all trades, master of none. The game offers a lot but the controls, confusing menus, and random crashes take away from the experience. There are also many unreliable servers in the game. The worst part in my opinion is the grind. It can take hours to dig the ground to try and level it or find ore. It takes hours to make your way up to being able to build a house and find the resources for it. Paired with some server issues and awkward controls, the game can become frustrating very quickly. If you like to grind to achieve the smallest of goals, then you may like Life is Feudal.  For me though, this is not my cup of tea.


It may seem like I am completely hating on the game, but I am not. I understand that the game is still in its early stages and the developers are constantly working to bring new content and improvements. As long as the developers continue to do a great job fixing bugs in the game and refining gameplay, Life is Feudal deserves to be given a chance. Playing with some friends and fooling around in game goes a long way to making in an enjoyable experience.


So quite the mixed bag here then, covering a wide range of opinions.


Life is Feudal: Your Own has not long been out of early access and is also the forerunner to Life is Feudal: MMO, which should be out in a year. The main differences between Your Own and the planned MMO, is who is hosting it.


Your Own is a smaller sandbox version that has a maximum of 64 players, hosted on your own personal server. You can jump in on any of a number of hosted servers by other people and some professionally setup servers around the world right now.


However, the LiF: MMO on the other hand will be hosted by the developers and can have 10,000 players on a server. It will also have full guild management facilities and be permanent.

Something else to note is that if you buy LiF Your Own now, you will also get access to the MMO when it does release. Targeting a fairly niche market it’s not a full-priced title, so it’s certainly something worth giving a punt if it takes your fancy.