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Total Warhammer’s latest downloadable content is called The King and the Warlord. Its another lords pack and like the recent Grim and the Grave, it provides the player with an expansion of content for two of the starting factions - the Dwarves and the Greenskins. However, this time, the DLC adds the extra Dwarf and Greenskin content in the form of a new faction, and that comes with a refreshing new starting location for each.

For those familiar with the campaign map, the new Greenskin and Dwarven factions both start in the mountain range to the South West of the Empire’s starting location, instead of below the Undead Counts starting location, which is far to the South and East.

On top of that these two new factions come with a competing objective. Head back to the homelands and take over the fortress at Karak Eight Peaks.

The Warlord from the title refers to the Legendary Lord goblin Skarsnik. An awesome addition from the Warhammer Fantasy Lore. He rules the Crooked Moon faction and comes with Squigs and of course tonnes of goblins. In fact, until Skarsnik gets himself over to Karak Eight Peaks he can't recruit any unit other than the super fast Squigs and various goblins.

This makes it pretty tricksy and you will have to consider your battles carefully. A full stack of dwarves against a full stack of goblins will almost always result in the scattering of goblinoid chunks around a battlefield. Get a Waaagh going to help pull apart the enemy armies.

This is just the sort of creative challenge the game needs. Only being able to recruit goblins and then to get across the campaign map to secure your rightful position upon your throne is awesome!

The in-battle voice samples for Skarsnik are a real treat as well, “You want sneaky? I got sneaky”. Skarsnik will certainly make you smile especially when his pet squig gets busy chomping through dwarven enemy footmen. There is an animation for it.

The King from the DLC title is the powerful Legendary Dwarven Lord, Belegar Ironhammer, and he looks spectacular in his blue-gold attire. He rules the Clan Angrund Faction and comes with four ethereal dwarven heroes. In battle Ironhammer is a powerhouse. As mentioned Ironhammer shares a competing objective and is heading across the map to Karak to resume his position as Thane. You don’t have to do this straight away, it can be done when you're ready, possibly building up your forces and establishing settlements first.

There is still a few other items wrapped up in this DLC as well. A new type of Lord for each faction, Dwarven Runelords and Night Goblin Warboss. The latter is an important one for the goblin Crooked Moon faction, as the Warboss bolsters the squigs and goblins in your army. Plus he gets a mighty Cave Squig at rank 12 to ride around on which is cool.

New units for each faction include Bolt Throwers, Rangers and Bugmans Rangers for Clan Angrund. The bolt throwers can rip into giant units. The Rangers are capable of switching it up between missile and close combat and the Bugmans are lighter armoured Quarrelers.

The goblins get the Squig Herd, Night Goblin Squig Hoppers and Nasty Skulkers which are added to the Crooked Moon’s roster. The Nasty Skulkers can slow the enemy with smoke grenades and can Stalk. You can fill your 20 army stack easily as the goblins are weak but cheap. So throw them into battle with abandon, just remember to employ sneaky tactics whenever you can or risk being torn to pieces.

I have heard a number of people saying that the Greenskins are the toughest faction to play as, while also being fairly boring. But try your hand at controlling a night goblin squig cavalry, as they eat their way through the enemy, supported by smoke-bomb Stalker Goblins, that can start hidden almost anywhere on the battlefield, and you may find a change of heart.

Who buys this TW Warhammer DLC?

The King and The Warlord offers just the right amount of content to keep owners of the game interested. If you're still playing Total Warhammer then you're likely quite a fan and have probably already gobbled this up, but if you are waiting for something to pull you back in, then Skarsnik, his Squigs, his goblin only army, his new starting location, his funny one-liners and his objective of sitting on the Karrak throne might present enough of a new challenge to warrant getting back into the game.