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Well well well, it's that time again. Time to fill up the diesel, check the air pressure on all 18 wheels. Time to hit the road with a brand new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 from SCS Software. You'd be forgiven for assuming SCS had abandoned ship when American Truck Sim arrived, not so. The same developers who introduced the Scandinavia DLC has now brought us Vive la France DLC. It's an absolutely massive DLC that adds an extra 15 cities and 20,000km of narrow, windy roads, all set in picturesque France. 

Being French and living in France at this time, I couldn't help but absolutely fall in love with this DLC. At 18€ at the time of review it is a little bit pricy for an expansion DLC. There is an argument that perhaps it should have already been in the base game. Besides that however, the DLC is brilliant.

Easily one of my favourite additions to the game since its launch, you can now pickup/deliver cargo from one of five nuclear power plants. Considering France gets over 75% of its energy from nuclear power plants, I thought this was an absolutely awesome experience. There's nothing quite like driving up to the gated entrance of the nuclear power plant to make a delivery.

First thing I did of course, living in Nice, was drive directly to Nice to buy a garage and expand it. I then immediately relocated to said garage to make my home base. As soon as i arrived i knew exactly where in Nice the garage was located. The attention to detail and specifics blew my mind. I was shocked at the quality and accuracy of the DLC, and this alone was from ONE city. The highway signs, the toll speed limit signs were all absolutely accurate 100%. The new speed cameras on the side of country roads are identical to one i drove past once too fast and got a ticket from. The attention to detail in this DLC is absolutely fabulous and I must say very well done.

The distances between cities is dead on. For example between Lyon and Nice it is 400km in real life, and what do you know in game it is absolutely identical. You get new cargo, new companies (some named very similarly to giant food companies), and of course new destinations to deliver to, one of the new ones being my absolute favorite, a farm. Driving on narrow, bumpy gravel roads past vineyards to pick up a cargo delivery was breathtaking. That and the fact that the new patch has added some well thought out changes is a breath of fresh air and makes ETS even more enjoyable. From the added transmissions to the added cargo parking modes (you can now choose to park it yourself, park it a bit easier, or not park it at all for no xp points added). 

And as always with any ETS2 DLC there is added achievements on steam.  

- Deliver diesel, lpg or petrol to all truck stops in France (requires Vive la France! DLC)

-Deliver cargo to all cargo airport terminals in France (requires Vive la France! DLC)

- Deliver cargo to five nuclear plants in France (requires Vive la France! DLC)

A part of me believes that this should have been part of the base game anyway, but I understand creating something with this scale and to such a fantastic level of detail requires resources Vive La France DLC adds some much needed French content. From the ludicrous toll prices, to the very narrow and windy country roads, it is absolutely beautiful to see. I could pretty much see this as being the start of other European DLCs, maybe a Viva Italia or Espana possibly?

Would I say Euro Truck Simulator : Vive La France is absolutely top notch? Absolutely, just like the Scandinavia and Going East DLC before it. It is a bit expensive for what it is, but with Steam always having ETS2 and the DLCs on sale I have no doubt that it will be on sale for a more affordable price at some point for those willing to wait. Driving around cities that I've already driven through in real life and with such detail put a huge smile on my face. 

Enjoy and keep on truckin'.