This is my first review here on GD. I really liked the features of GD which caused me to write something. So I chose my to review my favorite title to mention. So lets move to our subject!


Probably no one needs introduction about the title. I remember playing GOW 2 way back some 3-4 years ago. I can for sure say that it was my first game which I didn't left in-between. It was a really awesome to play the game. 

Although it took me more than two weeks to finish it but I genuinely have to say that those two weeks were some of the best days of my life so far. I remember the feeling I used to get after cracking the hidden logics which were getting harder and harder as I leveled up. When I used to get the logics unlocked, it was feeling like winning the world. It may sound for some experienced gamers weird but as I said, it was my first title i had finished. 

The most important reason behind why I was a game leaver and not completer was that 'getting bored'. And this was not the case with GOW. Entering every new levels was getting more and more exciting and interesting which I never experience before. 

Off-course, theres a lot of interesting titles out there like GTAs, COD or so. But I had problem finishing them. 

One of the best thing about GOW is its very in-rich story. The mythic story where the zeus betrays Cratus and take his powers-off and his journey for revenge is un-matching. 

I know, its not only me who is crazy for GOW but I'm proud of being one of them. 

For those who are yet to test GOW and got intimated by this review and unfortunately don't have access PS2 console. HERE I know one place where you can get legit PC version of the same:


Thanks for reading this guys!