Do you feel that reason is more important than emotion for a human to live? Well, think again cause Tales of Berseria is going to prove that both are equally important for a human being to live. Tales of Berseria is one of the mothership titles in the long standing Tales series and it's an emotional and darkest game ever to be featured from the Tales franchise. It's also a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria and shares a lot of connections with this game which we will discover as we progress through this game. 

I had entered this Tales franchise with Zestiria and was a bit disappointed with it mainly due to the story. But I never expected Berseria to be a real gem being a prequel to Zestiria's story. What surprised me was obviously the dark story with some unbelievable twists in the plot which is definitely gonna guarantee that gamers shed at least a tear or two and also keep you busy for nearly 40 hours. You can play Berseria even if you have never played the other Tales of games thereby being a good entry game to this Tales franchise. 

The Story: The Dark story is something which I think I loved the most in the entire game so far. It's a story of a world which is torn asunder due to the actions of a young and cunning girl Velvet who is on a quest for vengeance against her elder bother Artorius for greatly wronging her in the past. In her quest for revenge, Velvet travels with a group of pirates in the kingdom of Midgand seeking retribution and also finding answers for questions born anew by her actions. The way the story is presented in this game combined with an excellent character development moments is quite strong. You are not saving the world but in fact, you are on a journey to destroy it for your personal goal of revenge which leads to some emotional tear jerking moments, shocking truths, and some funny moments between the group keeping the atmosphere just right for a JRPG. You are also presented with this one question throughout the game "Why do Birds Fly ?" Good luck figuring out the answer as you play through the story.

The Graphics: When it comes to graphics this game looks absolutely gorgeous with stunningly well-designed visuals along with in between anime cutscenes which change with a perfect transition from 3D to 2D anime scenes by Studio Ufotable, ensuring you have a feeling of watching a really deep anime episode. You get a lot of graphic options to fiddle with in this game, unlike Zestiria's limited graphic settings, ensuring you enjoy this game with your desired settings. Graphically speaking, you will be needing a good mid end PC for having a pleasant experience with this game without our worst enemies crashes and lags.

The Music: The Music is made for this game. that's what I felt as I wandered through the different places in the game. From cities and towns to docks and villages, from empty and boring dungeons to chilly and hot caves, from demon filled forests to colorful coral reefs, the music kinda fits the air pretty well in these places. my favorite song Burn which is also the game's opening song and it represents this game excellently from the musical side to the gamers as soon as they launch this game. I also liked the character themes as well, which fits with the character's personalities really well bringing the music to deeper levels.

The Combat system: When it comes to JRPGs, the combat system is very important and Berseria's combat system is much better than Zestiria although it is built on Zestiria's combat system. The new combat system is completely overhauled with new and improved mechanics to make it simpler and friendlier for newcomers to this franchise. It also comes with the break souls mechanic allowing the fights to be taken to higher and cruel levels, forcing gamers to be on the move constantly during fights instead of simple button mashing. Older features like the Artes, Mystic Artes, and Blast gauge return in this game allowing battles to be settled in much cooler and faster ways. 

The Verdict: Tales of Berseria is a solid JRPG from a series which has challenged many norms in this genre and is worth your penny if you are looking for a good JRPG game. I would recommend it to any JRPG or RPG gamer out there to check this game out and experience what it feels to be on a journey with a quirky group of characters on a journey which is gonna be sad, reckless, and funny depending on the way the stories and the in-game skits unfold.