One of the oldest pure stealth games, Master Thief Garrett returns in the 2014 released game "Thief". I played and ended this game over the course of the past month. Dont let that confuse you, it is not THAT long of a game. Having said that, it is still a pretty decent game.

The gameplay is quite simple. You play a supremely agile and skilled thief. Meaning you do not know how to brawl or fight. You are, as the game calls it, "child of the shadows'. The game is very dedicated to this point. You have to play the entirety of the game in stealth. All enemies can almost always overwhelm you if they see you or suspect your presence.

Presence is actually a thing in this game. Normally in stealth games that I had played, including MSGV, you can pick up loot well normally, but in Thief its different. When you pick up loot, remember to always restore the environment. So if you say open a chest, be sure to close it once you are done. AI will notice the open chest and raise the alarm.

The game can be played in 3 distinct styles, each in turn opening challenges for the challenge mode. You can play as the Ghost, where you interact with neither the environment nor the AI throughout the mission. Or play as the Opportunist, where you use the environment to your advantage, dousing flames and lights, disarming traps, using distractions. Or play as the Predator, which as the name tells, involves taking out the AI either through Arrows or Takedowns (knocking them out). Each mission can be played as any of the three, and with each mission being replayable, you can play as each different style.

Many new players to the franchise, such as myself, will see startling resemblance to Dishonored, although a quick Google search reveals that Thief is the original while Dishonored is the tribute. However again, unlike Dishonored, if you try to do a one-on-one with any AI, you will likely die, if not lose an extraordinary amount of health  

Garrett also has the ability to use Focus (a sort of third eye vision). Focus allows you a great many things such as speeding lockpicking, tracing hand prints but the most important is that it highlights in blue interactable pieces of the environment. Which upon playing this game you will find is super helpful. The game offers a multitude of routes to traverse the map, however it is very possible to use one simple linear route to complete the entire game.

Herein lies the games fundamental flaw, travel. The game map and its routes are so tedious and unnecessarily long when in free roam. You spend at the least one-third of your time going from point A to point B just to start the mission. There is no fast travel and there is no direct road or street taking you everywhere. At points you have to climb and jump through rooftops, squeeze through crates or break in to houses and cross the street, it becomes very tiresome. I barely did any side jobs solely because it was so agonizing going about the map that it would take as long as the mission itself.

Furthermore, I have found criticisms towards the story. Understand a few things, firstly, these people who have issue with the story have played all parts of the franchise. They dont say the story is bad (it really isnt bad) they take issue with its deviation towards the supernatural (which is quite correct) The story more or less revolves around the supernatural elements. In fact, Chapter 4 or 5, where you go to Moira Asylum is almost exclusively supernatural. Complete with moving objects, a woman on fire, grey eyeless Freaks and visions. You have visions constantly throughout the game.

Personally, I would recommend this game. It is a nice enough game, with a decent AI and does have re-play appeal. However it does have its flaws, its not a perfect game, its not a legendary game or GOTY, its simply a very good game and a much needed change of pace in a world of over-the-top action and violence