Finally, a game that celebrates one of the world's most prestigious and dangerous racing events. All hardcore motorsport and racing fans have been crying out for an authentic recreation of the TT Isle of Man, the annual motorbike event that plays host to one of the most dangerous races on the planet. 37.73 miles, 264 bends, and over 250 fatalities since its inception. Kylotonn's TT Isle of Man has a lot to live up to.

But how does it stack up against other racing games? As someone who's been a racing fan for more than two decades, and someone who's been riding for 10 years, we've all been waiting for this day to come. One of the most dangerous and grueling motorcycle races known to man finally gets it's own game. TT Isle of Man is a flat out, rural race weekend that takes place on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, most notably the home of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear (once upon a time). We don't get too many motorcycle racing games on PC and it's a real shame because they're quite fun, but the handling is what drives most people away, particularly when using a mouse and keyboard. Superbikes are quite tricky to handle in real life and even more so in gaming. 

As a fan of Ride 2, I was eagerly looking forward to TT Isle of Man as soon as we first caught a glimpse of its twisting, mountainous road. There are already a couple of similar rural tracks in Ride 2 taking place in Ireland, but nothing on this scale. They are fast, narrow, and unbelievably tricky to handle. This is no different. It's a flat-out road race on country, or B roads for our British friends, that are two lanes wide with curbs, sidewalks and a whole lot of things to hit. The TT Isle of Man is widely known, even outside of its racing culture. It's a fast-paced and dangerous race, with a couple of deaths even in recent years.

TT Isle of Man portrays the realism very well; everything is adjustable, from front end stoppie braking to wheelie control, and even with those set to high the bikes are still a handful. Braking while going over a slight bump will send the bike skidding sideways and the racer into the trees. The crash animation and rider animation are a touch wooden but it's easy to see past when the racing is this good. The difficulty levels and graphics setting are all present and correct, while quite a few things are adjustable. One oversight is the lack of controller adjustments like you see in F1 2017, such as saturation, deadzone and so on. Otherwise, the handling is very realistic, probably too realistic for those just after some pickup and play racing. 

Where TT Isle of Man has a chance to shine will be in multiplayer, but the fear is it's going to be a bit like Ride 2 where the multiplayer population was a little sparse. At the time of review, I haven't been able to find a multiplayer game, probably since the game has only just been released, but hopefully, the population fills out in the coming weeks.

Where TT can fall a bit short is in terms of tracks, which is why making a game based on the Isle of Man is a doubled-edge sword. More tracks weren't to be expected, but it does severely limit the replayability. Unless you're an avid racer with a couple of friends to play with on the weekends it's difficult to see TT Isle of Man having much replayability in single-player mode. I've racked up about 30 hours or so in Ride 2 but I don't see myself getting anywhere near that in TT:IoM. It's selling point is one special race, and for avid racing fans that may be enough. Looking forward, it's tempting to find some lobbies online on the weekends but that's about it. F1 and Project Cars 1/2 undoubtedly have a wider appeal then this, but props to the developers for trying something hardcore fans have been waiting years for, and definitely delivering in terms of the iconic race itself. 

Overall, TT Isle of Man is merely good, rather than great; the complexity of the handling and the accuracy of the track are very well realised. The hope is that it can scoop up a cult following and we can have some multiplayer fun, otherwise, the replayability just isn't there. Great job by Kylotonn and Bigben Interactive for putting it together.