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From the creators of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software, comes a brand new and much anticipated DLC. The beautiful and massive Oregon DLC. Truckers can now embark on a massive 1800+ mile journey (2900km for those on the metric system) from the top of Oregon to the very end of New Mexico, provided you have both DLCs of course. It finally comes close to the massive 2000-mile journeys of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the added Italy and Scandinavian DLCs. Put on your favorite tunes and start hauling some massive deliveries, and very expensive ones at that. 

While not as popular as Euro Truck, I'm a strong believer that American Truck Simulator is a lot more fun to play, given the much wider roads in the United States you don't get frustrated in the narrow and tight turns with lots of traffic. The scenery is also far more pleasant but this is down to personal preference. And, of course, the team at SCS does an amazing job depicting the state/country they are adding into the game.

How great of a job do they do? In the France DLC for Euro Truck, in the city of Nice where I live, I can get in my car and drive out to where the garage and companies are and it is unbelievably close to real life. And Oregon is no different, from the farms and vastness of the deserts bordering California, to the massive amount of bridges in and around Portland, Oregon. 

For people who aren't familiar with just how popular Euro Truck Simulator 2 is, with the TruckersMP multiplayer add-on, their Europe 2 servers are usually filled to the max with 4200 players. They also have servers with no traffic for those who really want to deliver something extra quick. I really wish that American Truck Simulator was as popular, it's just as enjoyable of a game to play as ETS. Hopefully, in due time we'll have much greater distances then Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

Now, of course, with every game and DLC, there are always some cons. As amazing as Oregon DLC has been made it is missing quite a few roads that would make deliveries quite a lot easier. For example, getting from Lakeview to Klamath Falls, one must drive down back into California then back up to Oregon, there's no driving through Fremont National Forest here. Yet. It's the same story from Klamath Falls to Medford; one must drive the long way around and it's quite a difference in terms of distance. The beauty of Oregon does make up for this issue but, hopefully, these extra routes get added with future updates, just as SCS did with California and the addition of more scenic roads.

SCS Software has also added different industries. Being Oregon there are quite a lot of logging and lumber industries; there's nothing more fun than taking a double trailer filled with 50,000lbs (22.6T) of lumber through the forests of Oregon to make a delivery.

I would also like to give a shout-out to SCS for fixing a very major bug I stumbled upon while playing the DLC for review a few hours before the official release. I was making a delivery from San Francisco to Lakeview in Oregon and couldn't cross one of the bridges that was on my way to the Oregon border. I gave SCS a tweet rather quickly and got a response from their QA team leader. They proceeded to have the same issue and using the developer console in-game found an invisible wall spanning across the road making it impossible to cross. A subsequent patch was put out that fixed the issue. I was a little surprised to find it made it through testing but also glad it was fixed. Shout-out to Michal Turecek for solving the issue. 

Overall, if you play American Truck Simulator quite a lot then the Oregon DLC is absolutely worth buying. It's also a bit cheaper than the Euro Truck Simulator DLCs so it makes it worth purchasing, especially since the ETS and ATS DLCs are often on sale on Steam.