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After much wait and hype i finally got a chance to play and finish the Outer Worlds. I wont spoil any of the story elements for this review, as the story is truly an amazing adventure. I will say your not following your dad, son, second cousin who has been kidnapped or ran away. Which is always refreshing.

The combat of the game was fluid for a FPS, weapon types included your typical types like assault rifles, revolvers and some interesting heavy weapons like the shock cannon, you can mod your weapons with a variety of upgrades that include suppressors for sneak attacks, and different ammo types like plasma, corrosion, and shock. Along with Melee weapons which allowed for more melee focused builds (which i explore in another play-through) This helped keep the weapons fresh enough and allowed different ways to dispatch enemies. Speaking of enemies they weren't many types you had your typical marauder and robot enemy type along with various critters that wanted to eat your face on every world you landed on.

Outer Worlds isn't a vast open world like you would expect, it felt like playing KOTOR or dishonored in a sense, you had a variety of worlds and on those worlds was a HUB city and a wilderness, you'd get your quests and weapons from the city and explore the Wilderness for random loot and to kill everything in sight. I enjoyed this aspect of the game, while i enjoy a vast open world to explore sometimes smaller more detailed oriented worlds is refreshing and keeps the scale from overwhelming players, and diverse the worlds are! some were completely submissive to the authorities while others skirted the laws and provided some not so legal missions for you and your crew to embark on. A reputation system keeps track of the factions and how they view you, if you commit to many crimes against one faction expect to be shot on site in any of their facilities. There are multiple ways to approach each mission depending on the strength of your skillset, like going in guns blazing or hacking into the security system to bypass everyone again the smaller world environments help solidify this, in my play-through i decided to stick to being a corporate hardliner and always ended my missions to the benefit of the Board of directors and left many colonies running more efficiently and never let any Rebel factions continue their operations, and i thoroughly enjoyed it my next character might be a more rouge element with an emphasis on melee combat. 

When you create your character your able to adjust your primary attributes like strength, perception and intelligence. Depending on how you allocate your points if your character is below average in one stat it doesn't offer any negative penalties instead your character doesn't take advantage of certain aspects of the game, like if your agility is below average you dont get any sneak critical hits if you stay undetected. This was a great concept so if you wanted that extra point for your intelligence stat you wouldn't be sacrificing too much in order to achieve that. At each level up you gained a set amount of points for Skills depending on your intelligence stat, these skills determined your damage with melee weapons firearms and hacking and lock-picking. after raising a certain skill pool to level 50 you could then raise individual skills instead raising an entire group allowing even more customization. Also at each level up you get one perk point to spend, some being beneficial for using certain weapon types or buffs to your character, like increasing character weight and doing damage with melee weapons when you drop to a certain health percentage.  

Along your travels you pick up some interesting companions and are allowed two of them to form a three man team for most of your missions, but if you prefer going solo you have that option and there are perks that give you stat bonuses for travelling alone. You can equip your companions with weapons and armor and they gain perk points to help boost their helpfulness and add stat points to some of your stats depending on who you choose to travel with. You also can take on their companion quests to flesh out their stories and gain some insight into their past and when you complete the game if you did these quests their future is also determined by the actions you took. 

The graphic settings aren't to varied with your usual Low to ultra preset's chosen for you based on your hardware if your playing on PC, which is what i played on. I only saw minor frame stuttering and no major issues while running the game, and only 1 crash happened during my entire play-through. If i had to describe what the game felt like it have to be if Obsidian took every game they made and took out some aspects of it then it would be the Outer Worlds, It just wasn't a " spiritual sequel" to Fallout: New Vegas it is everything that obsidian has to offer from their entire library of games. 

Overall if your a fan of everything obsidian has to offer, buy the outer worlds, i got a copy through the microsoft store. Everything about this game was enjoyable and tick all the boxes for me in terms of what to expect from Obsidian.