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As someone who just updated their outdated Logitech Driving Force GT wheel setup with a Logitech G29 setup I have been looking for more and more games to play with a wheel, going as far back as playing Mudrunner with a wheel (which by the way, is way more fun than i thought). As the title suggests, Drift21 revolves around driving and drifting. But be warned that this game is in very early access, and here's hoping it gets more development. So let's keep that in mind with the rest of this review.

So obviously being a drifting game first thing i did was try and use my wheel with it, and although it does work it just felt completely unplayable. They've since done a few updates and the wheel works well and everything can be bound to what you'd like. It's still a bit buggy with the controls, but if you're interested I suggest waiting a bit and checking up on the developer blogs and steam reviews at a later point in time when more updates are released.

As with any other racing game, the settings need to be tweaked to your liking, including degrees of rotation and force feedback. I tried playing with 900° of rotation and it was just unplayable, at the time there was no force feedback setting so it was just on. If you watch any type of drifting the steering wheel rotates very quickly and very easily, as if there is no feedback, and for drifting when you need to turn the wheel quickly one way to the other; the quicker you can do it the better. It's been sorted out since I first started playing, and it's much more manageable with a wheel now, although your own settings will need to be tweaked for personal preference, but that's the same with any racing game.

Graphics-wise the game does look really good for being such a small folder size, that also comes down to not having many tracks at all to drift on. As of the time of this review there's only 3 tracks and very minimal content. The car modding and tweaking is very reminiscent of Car Mechanic Simulator, everything can be modded and tweaked as well as dyno runs for horsepower and torque, and everything looks fabulous. The audio is nothing to write home about though, just your basic tire screeching and vehicle noise, there's nothing much going on. 

The part where this game falls flat on their face is the content. There is not much to do, a couple maps with only a handful of events to do on each, and once they're done you have absolutely nothing else to do. Now this can be said about all racing games but even most have a career mode of sorts that keep you going back for more, or even better yet a multiplayer mode. Only three cars are available and only three maps are available and all three are very small. I did want to wait a bit before writing this review as the game was completely unplayable with a wheel and even a controller on day one. Since then they have added a couple small patches and it's made the game much better to play now. I would have given this a rating of 3 on release, but now it's up to a 5. For the 25$/€ asking price though, that's way too much. I understand it's early access but they are pretty much asking for people to be beta testers and pay for it. 

Now a full on drifting game has promise, drifting is an art and quite difficult for most people. This game really has a great way of showing that. I would absolutely love to see way more cars, more maps, maybe even a multiplayer where people can compete against each other, that would make this way more enjoyable. It has a lot of promise for early access and hopefully the developers keep working on it and don't end support for a game that clearly shows a lot of potential, but at this point in time I just can't recommend it.