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When I saw this game my first reaction was "oh wow I must try this, it looks like nothing I've ever played before and looks like way too much fun." And well, it's truly incredible. Pretty much started playing right away in what would be a straight two hour gaming session late at night. Having grown up with a few friends who are fire fighters living in New Jersey right around September 11th 2001 and having a few that had to go into New York City to help other fire fighters and first responders, I thought this would be amazing to try and get even the slightest feeling of what a house fully ablaze actually feels like, and it doesn't disappoint. 

Embr is a frenetic firefighting game set in a world where capitalism has taken over so much that the need for traditional emergency services are gone. As part of the Embr emergency services startup company, you'll respond to the calls of those in need directly from your phone, and bring the firefighting straight to their doorstep.

Graphically the game looks and runs fantastic, looks a bit like team fortress but was shocked when launching it and running with afterburner that the game is actually vulkan based, should run great on a wide range of machines. There are very few graphics to change, lighting quality, texture, fire quality, and anti aliasing. All have a high, medium and low, whilst fire quality only has high or low. Field of view is adjustable from 55 to 80 and works great. Although I will mention that its probably the only game I've ever played where I felt nauseous playing after 30mins or so and have no idea why. Maybe its from moving around too much in circles putting out fires, though I'm not sure. It pretty much looks like Dante's Inferno when you walk into a room, it's very convincing - and the fact that they have doors that glow red when being axed and then opened, and then a backdraft happens violently which throws you back, they've really nailed that feeling down. 

Audio has your few basic settings and sounds really good, from the sounds of the electrical shortages caused by spraying conductive outlets and switches, to the explosions caused when the house starts burning down to it's end. It's very well done with a bit of "elevator" style music in the background and menu. Actually quite enjoyable and relaxing. There's few controls to play this game, with sensitivity being adjustable from 0.0 all the way to 1.0. Works well, all your items can be fitted to your hot bar once they have been added to your loadout. 

The gameplay is where this game gets everything right. The intro is pretty much everything you need, although you will forget everything you learned instantly and start spraying water everywhere, get shocked and then die. You can equip two loadouts with a host of tools and equipment that can be upgraded. Your fire hose can have a narrow or wide water spread, both are very useful and needed for different situations. You have a water gun which can be filled at any sink, and when you've bought the water grenade you'll also get one of those with every refill. EMP grenades are also available and very useful if you don't want to die.

It is very well done and everything you need to fight a fire successfully is there to be added to your loadout, don't forget to purchase a trampoline in order to save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary deaths. Water can be used to bridge electrical connections to open elevator doors, safes and so on. They have done a great job portraying everything here. 

This game is incredibly fun to play and even more fun with friends. You can have a crew of up to 4 players and some missions are made much easier with a few extra hands. Multiplayer lobbies are easily created, an invite only or friends only with a password can be done, both needing a join code that can be found in the top right corner. I wish they would get rid of that and work by invite or password only but this may be client server side hence the need for a code but not entirely sure. I will say that the game seems to drop fps by quite a bit when playing in multiplayer and not quite sure why but as this is early access I'm assuming this will be fixed in patches and maybe even a day one early access patch. A few minor bugs are still around but overall the game runs great, one thing that definitely needs fixing is one of the clients dying within 2 minutes of getting to the fire. Then the other ones seem to last for 10 minutes without dying and you have all the time in the world, I'm guessing that's so people learn and buy the health upgrade for your tablet to see who is in immediate danger.

Overall, Embr is a fantastic game that's a complete blast to play with friends. A few minor bugs that can be tweaked but nothing that breaks the game as it is in early access. There is so much more but the review would just drag on, some early gameplay can be seen online and the game is just ridiculously fun. Highly recommended if you just want to have some silly fun either on your own or with some friends.