Destroy All Humans! Remake review - One giant leap for Nostalgia

Written by Chad Norton on Mon, Jul 27, 2020 3:59 PM
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Nostalgia is a powerful thing, with all these remakes and remasters coming out I swear they look exactly how my younger brain thought they looked back in the day. The Destroy All Humans! Remake is finally out tomorrow, and is a complete graphical overhaul of the original game as well as the addition of some brand new content like new upgrades, powers, controls, and a long lost mission.

If you’ve ever played the original then you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. But for those of you who are new to the franchise, the planet Earth is stricken with a terrible plague, called Humans! The Furon Empire is hellbent on taking “one giant step on mankind” as you try to take over the US government through lots and lots of vaporization and anal probing in the glorious 1950’s.

The core gameplay sees you as Crypto-137 travelling to location after location, playing short and sweet missions with optional objectives for replay value. And when I say short and sweet, they really are, some can take maybe 5 minutes to complete, yet each one feels fun and rewarding in their own way. 

The dynamic of the main characters between Crypto and Pox is just pure perfection as well, with the standout Pox carrying most of the weight, their duo will be what keeps you playing most of the time, and most of the original audio tracks have remained untouched since the original.

The kind of tasks you are given are quite benign to say the least, go scan this human, disguise yourself as this one, kill a few people etc. But Destroy All Humans manages to make these tedious chores an absolute blast thanks to some witty (and admittedly, quite immature sometimes) writing. Plus flinging people away and vaporizing cops is just so damn fun.

After unlocking new locations by playing missions, you’ll have the option to explore the area, which will include several optional side missions to mess around with and try to score high. These optional side missions reward you with varying amounts of Furon DNA, which can be exchanged to acquire new upgrades for Cypto or his flying saucer, and the amount of upgrades has been heavily increased. There’s even a new mission too, which should please most fans.

The new controls also make everything a lot more fluid and easier to control. Back in the PlayStation 2 era, picking up a cow required you to press a button, and then press a bunch of other buttons in order to lift, pull closer, push away, or throw, but now all of that can be done with just 1 button! It certainly makes you forget the terrible controls of the original, and allows you to play the game without having to worry about the dreaded crab/claw hands.

There are some really great elements on offer here for those seeking for the next game to 100%, as the optional objectives and side content add a large amount of replay value for those looking for it. It's pretty short unfortunately, and although I would have wished for a bundle of the first 2 games instead, it's only a negative point because I just wanted more.

It's also buggy, really buggy in fact, with lots of character running in circles in the air, or certain objects in the world moving in ways they shouldn't. But I never came across anything game breaking during my time, and to be honest, due to the game's general weirdness, I found a lot of these bugs actually kind of funny from time to time. Just be warned that you may encounter some strange things happening in the game, at least for a short while until they get patched.

Overall, the Destroy All Humans! Remake is a fun trip down memory lane, very fun in fact. And whilst the crude and immature humor appealed more to my younger self than now, it’s still a ridiculously entertaining ride. The remake’s biggest saving grace is nostalgia, and finally bringing this old classic to the PC system. Whilst fans of the original will be very pleased with the nostalgia trip and additional new content, even if it isn’t quite substantial.


  • New side content
  • Great cast of characters
  • Better controls


  • Short



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admin approved badge
01:17 Jul-28-2020

The real question is... Is it worth the 30USD to play? I missed out on the original.

junior admin badge
19:42 Jul-28-2020

A lot of the older gamers I talked to said it is.
But that doesn't mean much to you.
Watch a gameplay videos of the remake and then decide.

junior admin badge
21:06 Jul-27-2020

Love the title.