Devil May Cry 4
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Hope you like fighting this guy...

Smashing demons with flashy, extended combo chains has been Devil May Cry's draw since the original came out on Sony's PlayStation 2 back in 2001. For any PC gamers out there, you probably haven't been following along since then. Devil May Cry 3 did come to the PC in 2006, but the game didn't exactly make a smooth transition to the platform. With Devil May Cry 4, which came out on PlayStaion 3 and Xbox 360,Capcom has done a much better job bringing the franchise's blistering action gameplay to PC with smooth graphical performance, a new difficulty setting, and a turbo mode to speed things up even more.

The game's overall structure isn't all that complicated. You walk into a room, the exits are blocked, and enemies spawn in. Your job is to use all available offensive options to deplete their health bars and snag the orbs that drop once they're vanquishedThe puzzle sequences aren't all that complicated, but they are annoying in some cases (fountain maze, disappearing platform section, mist warping in the forest),

Nero plays quite a bit differently. Like Dante he brings swords and guns to battle, but his most unique feature is Devil Bringer, his glowing blue arm.

DMC4's visual presentation is also fantastic, in higher resolution on the PC and in DX9 or DX10 modes.

For sound, you'll mostly hear grunts, item pick-up effects, gun shots and sword clangs during gameplay.With every fight you're assaulted with trashy electro-rock that for me was awesome.

So are you going to enjoy Devil May Cry 4? Hardcore actions junkies aren't going to care as much about the wrap-around level progression and repetitive encounters as they'll likely be busy replaying stages for the highest ratings.

I will recommend this game to all action junkies...

This is my first Review i hope you like it...:D

Nero's a great fighter, just not much of a character.