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Class VS Performance

Bizzare Creations,the team behind PGR brings a new racer,one that at first look may lead you to belive your playing Burnout but this game has more in common with another totally different racer,Mario Kart.After hearing this some people may think Blur is childish but it is far from that.Blur is one of the deepest and most entertaining titles of this year.

Blur offers a realistic visual style and balanced vehicle combat as well as multiplayer.Like Mario Kart,Blue relies on power-ups,5 weapons,shield,nitro boost.A familiar teritory but what makes it interesting that most powers can be used offensivley and defensively.Tactics are also very important,you are given 3 inventory slots,each for different power-up enhacemetnts a.k.a mods.Mods are used to absorb enemy fire and healing.Picking good mod is essential for success in this game.You may drive good but if you dont know how to use your tools,you will most likely lose.

Blur offers singleplayer,destruction and checkpoint mode.SP races are awesome,other two get repetitive and shallow.SP is fun due to its large number of fan demands.While you and your 'friends' race around the track you will notice orange icons,running over them will start a small challange with limited time.Also present are rival demands which are a little more difficult.Combineing power-ups and fan demands in the end gets more important than simply coming first.Multiplayer is the main reason why you should buy this game.Same old story,increase rank to gain new cars,mods etc.Another great thing about this game is that it features real cars and tracks(from San Francisco to Barcelona),cars are also very well made.Soundtrack is nice,piano-electronica and house music,narrator part is done quite nicely by Nika Futterman whose voice gives tv-style look.

Blur has a potential to become a game that will spin in consoles for a long time.Unlimited number of goals gives Blur depth and great satisfaction to anyone who plays it.Enjoy!

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