Resident Evil 5
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Chris & Sheva

Hi there!! I m writing this article on resident evil 5 with a changed title and focusing on gameplay of this superb game by capcom.

As i mentioned earlier, i ended this game last year during my last exams. I played it on xbox 360 and saw the pure genius of the producer of the game. Although the style is similar to the resident evil4 game, but is quite handsome in graphics and awesome gameplay. It starts in africa with the typical legendary character Chris Redfield back into action with partner sheva, a local african agent sent to help him.

Story is fabulous when both of the agents try to finish the horrifying saga of flesh eating creatures along with dreadful zombies. Although resident evil series has been entertaining gamers from more than 6 years, but resident evil 5 brings in quality in many features. Some of its awesome gameplay include:


Undoubtedly, it has been the best resident evil game in all aspects but one major point is the HD graphics of the game. Haven't played yet on pc, but it give gamers an entertaining horror thriller with beautiful scenes, well made characters and top class creatures built at level best. Plus graphics change during course of the game giving gamers extra fun. Especially, chris and wesker are designed perfectly.


As we all know, chris plays along sheva in the game. So, it means we are constantly getting backup along the course of the game. In re4, leon played alone except helping ashley. But we can share ammunition, help and perform multi-functions like rotating levers and avoiding enemies. This also helps in boss battles.


I ve played many horror games like silent hill and alone in the dark but resident evil has been always the best in making creatures. But especially in this particular part, we find more dreadful creatures with more intense heat and fear.

Not only the bosses, but the zombies and wild dogs plus armed people are very harmful. Even playing at the easy level, its too difficult to avoid these fast moving zombies. And bosses are just too good. Difficult that give gamers something to check their peak.


The story of every resident series has been good but this is different in a sense that we start in africa. It depicts how far this t-virus has been spread. Plus the most shocking part is when we see Jill Valentine, the most important character of RE series, go negative. So i recommend its a beautiful story along with gameplay.


             In a nutshell, it has been undoubtedly the best resident evil game. It maybe the last part as the story seems to be ended but hats off to capcom for some special years of quality entertainment. I wish them best of luck in the future too...........