Mass Effect
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The game takes place in the future where new planets and life forms have been discovered. A new technology of space travelling has been introduced. The mass relay, some kind of space station that makes transporting through clusters and systems very easy. The human race has been underestimated as aliens rule the galactic council. A story till then known as a legend will change everything in this world. According to this story an ancient race called Protheans where vanished of their planet by the Reapers, ancient bloody warriors that no one never believed really existed. Commander Shepard is sent with Anderson (captain of the Normandy) a Turian Spectre named Nihlus and biotic Kaidan Alenko to planet Eden Prime to investigate a Prothean beacon. During this mission Shepard loses a teammate but heshe also meets Ashley Williams a new team member. Shepard and his party are attacked by synthetic life forms called Geth. After much research Shepard discovers that behind all this is a Turian rebel called Saren .When Shepard finds the beacon and get close to it he suddenly starts having a strange vision of death and destruction. He understands that the Reapers are back, ruled by Saren. He immediately requests a meeting with the council to inform them what Saren did to Eden Prime. Although none believes him he continues his investigation by establishing a powerful squad and finally finds the required information to uncover Saren. He sends the information to the council and as a reward the council declares Shepard a Spectre. A whole adventure awaits Shepard to his journey through the galaxy to destroy the reapers.

The game is an Action RPG where characters behavior and actions can change the route of the game. The player can choose to become the ultimate hero and do good things by gaining Paragon points, or he can choose to be more bossy and angry by deciding with rush and gain Renegade points. The game, except from the primary objectives (in game called missions) has a wide variety of secondary objectives for the player to accomplish and advance to upper levels and learn new powers or upgrade his weaponry. These secondary objectives (in game called Assignments)can be completed by any way the player wants, for example he can choose in a specific assignment to help one person but to destroy the other, this also affects the way the game continues as  well as the points the player gains. Shepard’s squad mates also advance to upper levels and learn new powers that can provide extremely valuable help to the whole Mission. Each member, including Shepard, belong to a special class each of them generate powers. Shepard’s class can be selected by the player when the game starts and cannot be changed while the game continues. Each class has biotic, tech or strength powers. The right combination of classes can be the key to survival. The game’s weapons are all mass effect based and use a special technology to generate ammo without the need of reloading. The player can use pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles after he has been trained to use them .A great addition to the game is the planet exploration method. Shepard and his party after exploring the galaxy map can land in a planet with something interesting and investigate facilities, beacons and mines and gain experience points or valuable minerals. The exploration can be carried out using a special vehicle equipped with submachine guns and a cannon, the Mako. There are lots of different planets to explore and many new missions that can be found in a planet and that’s the most realistic part of the game.

Mass Effect has a well-built plot which can be, up to a point, controlled by the player. The graphics are hilarious with high quality, realistic faces and effects. However the absence of anti-aliasing option in the configuration menu of the game is a bit annoying for advanced gamers. The sound is really good especially weapon effects and space shuttles effects.  M ass  Effect is one of the best game of its kind because it might be a strict RPG but it also combines role-playing with combat action that makes it the perfect action-RPG.