Silent Hunter 5
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When Silent Hunter 5 was announced every Sub-Simulator fan was impressed and couldn't wait to play the new game. The game came out with a lot of promises. The new improved gameplay that allows the player to walk inside the submarine and talk to the crew instead of having to press buttons to get the job done got all first impressions. Ubisoft claimed high definition realistic graphics that could make the game even better. Silent hunter was a series of games that had never disappointed any gamers around the world. After the big success of Silent Hunter 3 and the departure of the even better Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific everyone awaited SH5 to be a game that could make the difference. Silent Hunter 5 Battles of the Atlantic was praised before its release.

The problem is what happened after its release. Suddenly it stopped being the game that everyone was expecting , it wasn't anymore Ubisoft's new miracle. No one wanted anymore to buy the game. It was a disaster, many bugs and graphics problems, need for advanced system components and much more that lead the game to the recycle bin rather than at the top of game charts. Ubisoft released a patch to solve some of the problems but not until the second one was released problems continued to exist. Silent Hunter fans then released mods and patches to increase visual experience and enhance the poor gameplay. So the game months after its release became playable. However the problems of course didn't stop. The player realizes the worst problem of the game after he had played for around thirty minutes of the game. He desperately discovers that the game requires constant internet connection for the player to advance to later stages. Then more problems arise for players that have not an internet connection and even if they have the awful and problematic Uplay servers made it impossible to play the game with their crashes.

All this is Ubisoft's new Data Rights Management(DRM) protection against piracy. Although at the end pirated games were more playable than the original ones and Ubisoft lost everything. They thought that by doing something like that they could encourage users to buy the game instead of downloading it from the internet for free. But former legit users in acts of desperation for Ubisoft's "achievement" did downloaded the game from pirated sites. So Ubisoft lost the game but doesn't seem to understand because next games will have also this DRM protection. Let's hope they release a patch at least for Silent Hunter 5 removing the DRM protection to make the game playable for every user and not just for users with state of the art internet connection. Or they could just fix their servers.