FIFA 2010
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only patches can improve visual experience

Can a game be different when played on PC and when played on consoles like PS3 and XBOX 360. Not likely but FIFA 10 managed to have this difference. The game was the king of football simulation games some years ago but now it has become more like a console game than a PC one. EA Sports should advertise a different game for PC and a different one for the next generation game consoles, because the game is different. FIFA 10 is a great game whether it is on pc or consoles but something that everyone has noticed is that FIFA Games generally not only the 2010 version but earlier ones, too are mostly improved on consoles rather than on PC. PC gaming has been underestimated lately, especially after the departure of the new expensive consoles. But EA Sports has been underestimating not only pc gaming but also pc gamers.

FIFA 10 is generally one of the best football games on Earth and the reason for being such a nice game is the realistic gameplay. Other games similar to FIFA cannot simulate real football they are more like arcade games that have a specific way leading to success, something that has nothing to do with real football. A game like that is Pro Evolution Soccer. Although Fifa series may be more realistic and more football-like other games like PES have a lot of football-related details that can attract gamers more than realism. They also have a better visual experience with more realistic graphics and not too much of realistic gameplay.

The problem is that FIFA 10 console-editions have got these kind of details such as impressive menu interface more realistic grass on the pitch , better facial graphics on the players , state of the art facilities and stadiums , larger database which stores more events and trophies that widens the experience of the player more than just playing a football match. FIFA on consoles has been dramatically improved whereas fifa on PC remains the same as it was 5 years ago. The only thing that changes is the club transfers, and we should be grateful with EA Sports remembering that the PC game must be updated. But what made EA Sports to abandon the PC-Version of the game? Probably because PC games are cheaper and they thought that by spending too much money improving the game will be useless as the final prize does not worth of the improved game. What can we say? Totally nothing, we can do nothing. We should be waiting with the hope that FIFA 11 will have a pc version just like the console one.